20 Best EdTech Platforms for Educators


EdTech Platforms for educators are integrate technology and education to provide new learning opportunities. These educational technology solutions guarantee that the delivery of online education is carried out without a hitch. These technologies are proven to be very useful for educational institutions that are of the opinion that learning can still be enjoyable and engaging even when it is done online. The following is a list of twenty educational technology (EdTech Platforms for educators) tools that may assist educators and instructors in making the process of teaching and learning simpler and more engaging for students.

Here are the 20 Best EdTech Platforms for Educators;

1. Eklavvya OSM

We are all aware that grading examinations, whether they are taken online or offline, is a laborious and difficult procedure. On the other hand, with the assistance of online assessment systems, it is possible to simplify the process.

Eklavvya OSM EdTech Platforms for educators is an online assessment tool that may assist you in evaluating objective and subjective examinations, regardless of whether they were taken online or offline.

The development of Eklavvya OSM included the use of a large number of technologically powerful algorithms. These algorithms enable you to evaluate the outcomes or performances of the pupils. While the findings are being generated, the educators have the ability to specify a variety of filters and criteria, which will make the analysis process simpler for them. It provides a wide variety of choices and functions, making it suitable for evaluating all kinds of online examinations. The instructors have the ability to add comments, a full or a half mark, accurate or incorrect remarks, and so on. Additionally, it automatically computes the marks, marks blank pages, grades the pupils, and performs a variety of other functions.

When the examiners were examining the online test answer sheets, this helped to eliminate any obstacles or difficulties that they had encountered.

2. Google Docs (dot com)

Spreadsheets, an online word processor, and a presentation editor are just few of the numerous tools that are available with Google Docs. When it comes to composing and distributing homework assignments, projects, or any other kind of homework, these tools may come in handy.

20 Best EdTech Platforms for Educators | Future Education Magazine

Real-time collaboration is a tool that may provide instructors the ability to discuss assignments, deliver presentations, or participate in group discussions in real time. In addition, Google Docs EdTech Platforms for educators enables users to save documents in real time, monitor the evolution of a document’s revision history, and even revert to a previous version of the file. Because Google Docs may also be utilized in an offline mode, educational endeavors such as teaching and learning can be carried out even when there is a limited amount of access to the internet.

3. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams EdTech Platforms for educators is a platform that gives you the ability to do live lectures, online meetings, as well as text and voice chats with other people. Additionally, it lets you to exchange assignments, administer quizzes, host live events, and do many other things.

Additionally, MS Teams assists teachers in the creation of individualized lesson plans and course materials to use in their classrooms. Because of how user-friendly the technology is, it is simple for instructors and students to communicate with one another.

The built-in capabilities of MS Teams make it possible for users to collaborate on documents and organize their work. In addition to that, it enables you to provide comments to the pupils on their performance. It is a piece of software that provides a number of incredibly beneficial solutions for protecting one’s privacy and safety.

4. ePravesh®

The need for online systems that can manage the admissions process is only expected to grow in the coming years. This should not come as a surprise given that these online admission platforms assist educational institutions in completing the whole of the admissions procedure in an online format.

ePravesh® is another example of this type of EdTech Platforms for educators that can assist you in carrying out each step of the process, beginning with registration and continuing through sorting, administering an online entrance exam, and short listing, as well as accepting admissions, generating a merit list, uploading documents, and paying fees.

ePravesh® also offers many additional advantages, including the administration of student complaints, effective data management, data analysis, report downloading, generation of merit lists, and creation of individualized admissions forms, among many others. ePravesh also offers a number of other benefits, including support for many languages, an error-free and perfect admittance procedure that has been tried and proven, and, most crucially, cost-saving considerations.

ePravesh® EdTech Platforms for educators provides a number of features that, when combined, make the software exceptionally user-friendly and accessible to a wide range of users, including students, parents, and staff members, among others. In addition to this, it stores all of the student papers by making use of the sophisticated security methods, and it also gives you the ability to make safe online payments.

ePravesh® is everywhere and can be accessed from any location; it also has features that make it easy to pay for services as you use them. As a result, ePravesh is an advocate for and contributor to the paperless admissions idea.

5. Eklavvya

An online examination platform is an essential piece of software that no educational organization can function well without in the modern day. Eklavvya EdTech Platforms for educators is a multi-functional platform that may assist you in administering online examinations in the smoothest and most efficient manner possible.

Eklavvya is built with three distinct types of remote proctoring mechanisms—image, audio, and video—along with a variety of other mechanisms, such as a secure browser, AI Proctoring, audit logging, and other similar features, all of which work together to completely eliminate the possibility of cheating or other unethical behavior.

Eklavvya also makes use of several very effective Artificial Intelligence based techniques, such as face recognition, suspicious item detection, and chatbots, which help to put an end to fraudulent activity and cheating in a direct and decisive manner.

Eklavvya makes use of cloud storage in order to keep all of the papers, including as proofs of identification, photos, and other items, that applicants provide in order to register for examinations. Before beginning the online test, the students are required to provide their forms of identification, which are then cross-referenced by the system with the previously saved versions. In this manner, their identification may be validated.

Eklavvya EdTech Platforms for educators is able to assist you in conducting objective and subjective examinations, examinations based on images, audio, or video, examinations based on programming, and even voice-based examinations for the purpose of performing oral or viva examinations.

The students are given programming examinations in order to evaluate their level of technical expertise in relation to a particular programming language. The recording option is included into the voice-based exams that have been created. The students are able to record their responses to the question that is shown on the screen, read the question, and then submit it for grading.

It is possible for the person who sets the questions on the exam or the subject matter expert to create, save, update, or remove question banks thanks to the Question Bank Management tool that is given. These question banks would include questions that adhere to a variety of formats, themes, mark values, time allotments, and other criteria.

There is almost no way for students to take advantage of the fact that they may show up for their tests from the comfort of their own homes as a result of all the technologies that are employed to monitor applicants both before and during the online exam.

Eklavvya is without a doubt a highly safe, dependable, user-friendly, error-free, and, most importantly, extremely cost-effective platform for administering online examinations.

6. Eklavvya LMS

Eklavvya Learning Management System EdTech Platforms for educators is able to assist you in running live training or courses for your staff or students.

It is a platform that is hosted online in the cloud. As a result, applicants from any place may easily participate in courses or sessions thanks to the simplified logistics.

Because it offers student participation, collaboration, discussion, Auto attendance tracking, and other similar features, Eklavvya LMS may assist you in carrying out teaching-learning activities in a more effective manner. For efficient online education, the platform grants several roles, or access levels, to students and teachers.

7. Google Meet

One of the technologies that sees the most action these days is Google Meet EdTech Platforms for educators. The fact that it can facilitate the participation of up to 250 applicants is particularly useful when it comes to the administration of virtual classrooms.

It is possible that it will assist you in the creation of a designated meeting area or a virtual classroom in which the instructors and students may participate and carry out activities related to teaching and learning on a daily basis. They find it easy to engage because to the straightforward UI and seamless integration.

20 Best EdTech Platforms for Educators | Future Education Magazine

You are able to join from anywhere in the world because to the built-in protection, secure infrastructure, and many other free services that Google Meet provides. The use of Google Meet has unquestionably contributed to the development of new procedures for the online delivery of educational content.

8. The website YouTube

Unquestionably, the educational community relies on YouTube more than any other site. The use of YouTube comes with a number of advantages, including the fact that it is free of charge, that it can be viewed at any time and place, that it allows for rewatching, and that it is also interactive.

During the time that they are teaching their students online, the instructors may use YouTube as an extra resource. They are able to provide responses to the questions that were posed by the students in the comments area. This also promotes conversations to take place.

The pupils are able to get a much better understanding of the subjects via the use of images as well as videos. They are able to remember the knowledge for a much longer period of time as a result of this method.

9. Grammarly

Grammarly EdTech Platforms for educators is beneficial to the instructors in a wide variety of ways. The professors verify that the student-submitted works do not include any grammatical errors and examine them for evidence of plagiarism. In a matter of moments, instructors may verify students’ spellings with the assistance of Grammarly.

The findings that are provided by Grammarly are current, accurate, and come with a thorough explanation. Additionally, it is customizable, which contributes to its already user-friendly nature.

The rise in popularity of Grammarly in recent years may be attributed to the qualities that were discussed above. It is helpful not just for instructors, but also for students, who stand to gain from it in a number of important ways.

10. Canva

Canva is the greatest tool to use if you want to supplement your standard theoretical instruction with some visual elements. Teachers have access to a wide variety of user-friendly choices on Canva, including animated graphics, a photo gallery, templates, colors, and font styles, amongst other things.

The instructors have the ability to generate a variety of pictures, carousels, presentations, and infographics by making use of these elements. Your work may be automatically saved, and you have the ability to download it at any time using Canva EdTech Platforms for educators.

Students may benefit from having such graphical representations of the topics explained to them in order to have a better comprehension of more difficult subjects. If the students are presented these visual aids after they have completed a subject or while they are reviewing it, they are able to remember the knowledge for a significant amount of time, which is extremely helpful for examinations.

11. Udemy

Udemy has quickly become one of the most popular online venues for obtaining various certifications due to the extensive course catalog it offers. Udemy is able to provide courses, certification examinations linked to the courses, and certified certificates – all at pricing that are reasonable.

20 Best EdTech Platforms for Educators | Future Education Magazine

Udemy EdTech Platforms for educators also gives instructors the opportunity to publish their own online lectures for their students to watch. The students are able to see the lectures at any time and from any location of their choosing.

The fact that the courses may be taken in a number of different languages makes it much simpler for pupils to comprehend even the most complex subject matter. In this approach, the instructional activity may always be maintained at the same level of consistency and relevance.

12. Coursera (online)

The advantages of using Coursera extend to both one’s schooling and one’s professional life. It offers unrestricted access to any and all of its many courses across the board, regardless of the profession or sector being studied.

Coursera EdTech Platforms for educators offers a variety of tools that make it simple to explore through the available courses and sign up for them. Additionally, it offers examinations that are connected to the courses, and if a student passes both the tests and the courses, they are awarded a certificate of completion.

The instructors are able to use Coursera to submit the courses, which the students may then use to further their education. This not only allows students to study at their own speed but also assists them in better comprehending and remembering the information they have learned for a longer period of time.

13. Google Lens

The primary purpose of Google Lens EdTech Platforms for educators is to scan documents or anything particular that is printed on the paper. Google Lens has proven beneficial to both students and instructors in a variety of different ways since it is always being updated with new and improved capabilities.

Simply clicking on an image and using Google Lens EdTech Platforms for educators to analyze it will allow you to learn about various locations, as well as identify any animals or plants in the picture. The students may also take a picture with their smartphone of a section of text, a calculation, or any other topic from their textbook, then upload the picture and let Google Lens explain it.

The foregoing qualities, which make it easier to access and distribute content, contribute to the promotion of virtual education. With the assistance of Google Lens, the time spent instructing and ensuring that every pupil comprehends every concept is definitely cut down significantly.

14. SmallSEOTools (Plagiarism checker)

There is a significant possibility that students would cheat by plagiarizing their work by copying them straight from the internet. The use of a plagiarism checker is one technique that may assist educators in identifying instances of plagiarism of any kind.

Simply copying the text that was produced by the kids and pasting it into this tool is all that is required of the instructors. The SmallSEOTools EdTech Platforms for educators then analyzes each individual word of the material in question and compares it to the text found on billions of web sites. The findings of the plagiarism check are shown as a percentage, and the program emphasizes any lines or phrases that seem to be taken from elsewhere.

Additionally, the instructors may immediately submit the work and then allow the program do an in-depth search for instances of plagiarism. The professors are also given the option to acquire the plagiarism report by the technology that detects plagiarism.

15. Evernote

Evernote EdTech Platforms for educators is a sophisticated application that enables users to create, edit, store, share, and erase their own notes, as well as those of others. It is helpful for instructors to take notes on subjects, which may then be shared with students while they are being taught about those topics.

The instructors are also able to read and evaluate the notes that the kids have produced. These notes may be of use to the educators in the process of organizing the teaching schedule, keeping track of assignments, developing to-do lists, and establishing reminders.

It also enables instructors to include visuals (such as pictures, images, photographs, and audio files), which may significantly improve students’ comprehension of the material that is printed on the notes. These notes are useful both during the actual teaching of the subject and after it has been taught, when it is time to review it.

16. Screencast- O- Matic

Simply clicking the ‘Start Recording’ button on the Screencast-O-Matic website, which is a free online platform, allows users to quickly and effortlessly record films to share with others. Recording their lectures, giving feedback to the students, providing demonstrations, and other activities are all made easier thanks to this technology.

Screencast-O-Matic EdTech Platforms for educators also gives possibilities for instructors to provide comments, notes, underline crucial lines, and other features that might be helpful while instructing students on any subject. Additionally, it gives users the ability to record both their camera and the screen at the same time while attending the lecture.

Screencast-O-Matic, which is based on a Java applet, provides you with an interface that is simple to use and provides audio-visual learning for the students or spectators.

17. Vimeo

Vimeo is a video hosting and sharing website that is based in the United States. It does not display any advertisements during the movies and gives users up to 500 MB of free space to post their own films. It is fairly simple to use and offers a wide variety of configuration options for the embedded movies.

Additionally, Vimeo EdTech Platforms for educators offers comprehensive information pertaining to the video that was submitted. The instructors are able to have a better understanding of who all has seen the movie, whether or not every student has watched it from beginning to end, who all has enjoyed it and made comments or questions, etc. thanks to this feature.

As a result of Vimeo’s higher video quality as well as its stringent security and privacy settings, it is without a doubt able to assist educators in the process of implementing online video-based education.

18. Loom

If a teacher is pressed for time, Loom video may be an effective answer. It gives the instructors the ability to concurrently record from the camera, the microphone, and the desktop screen. It is easy for the instructors to produce the film and provide the URL to a number of different pupils.

20 Best EdTech Platforms for Educators | Future Education Magazine

Loom EdTech Platforms for educators gives the instructors the ability to offer comments on the students’ tasks. The instructors are provided with a convenient method for archiving the films in the Loom library and may also recycle the recordings made using Loom.

Because it is simple to use and can capture presentation slides as well as web pages, the free video messaging software known as Loom may be quite beneficial when used to the process of learning remotely.

19. Moodle

Moodle is widely regarded as one of the most effective learning management systems currently on the market in the e-Learning sector. It is a very useful platform that can be utilized by educators to carry out activities related to teaching and learning that can be carried out in an online setting.

Moodle has an intuitive user interface that gives users a variety of choices for simple integration. In addition to this, it enables the administration of tests and evaluations, as well as the creation of reports and the monitoring of students’ progress.

Moodle EdTech Platforms for educators is adaptable and encourages in-person instruction wherever possible. Additionally, it offers a wide variety of other capabilities, such as a customizable dashboard, a text editor, a calendar, and several other tools for collaborative endeavors. Moodle gives educators the ability to more easily construct online communities, which can then be used to facilitate group activities and conversations.

20. QuestionLens

QuestionLens is comparable to a management system for question banks. It is helpful for the people who set the papers or the subject matter experts to be able to design sets of questions based on any topic or subject they want.

QuestionLens EdTech Platforms for educators was developed with the help of Machine Learning techniques, which enable it to read questions that are supplied as an input in the form of text and even read text from pictures.

You may even use QuestionLens to generate fill-in-the-blank questions, MCQ-style questions, questions of the “what” and “how” kind, and more. It is able to create a significant number of questions in a comparatively short amount of time.

During the time that really counts for the test, you may choose to utilize questions from any of the question sets. QuestionLens has been a significant contributor to the elimination of all the drawbacks of the conventional classroom-based paper setting process and has helped to streamline the process of paper production for online examinations.

Bottom Line

EdTech startups are becoming popular with great speed and hence they are growing well nowadays. Moreover, entrepreneurs are using the Internet and digital technologies to introduce new EdTech Platforms for educators for better learning and teaching experience. They overcome the problems of traditional education and provide advanced opportunities to create a bright future for educators. We hope you enjoyed reading our blog and acknowledged the importance of EdTech Platforms for educators.

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