25 Classroom Valentine Ideas that the Kids Will LOVE!

25 Best Classroom Valentine Ideas For Kids | Future Education Magazine


Valentine’s Day, a magical time where love swirls in the air, isn’t just reserved for couples – it’s a whimsical celebration in the heart of classrooms too. Imagine the joy and giggles echoing through the room as we create an enchanting atmosphere for our little ones on this special day. To sprinkle an extra dash of magic, I’ve conjured up a list of over 25 classroom Valentine ideas that promise to weave smiles onto every child’s face.

From crafting wonders to delectable treats, these ideas are bound to ignite the sparkle of delight in the eyes of our young Cupids. Together, let’s turn this Valentine’s Day into a kaleidoscope of joy, where every heartbeat echoes the melody of shared laughter through these Classroom Valentine Ideas.

Here are the 25 Best Classroom Valentine Ideas to Enroot Love in Kids:

1. Heart-Shaped Craft Station

25 Best Classroom Valentine Ideas For Kids | Future Education Magazine

Set up a craft station with heart-shaped paper, markers, stickers, and other art supplies. Kids can create personalized valentines for their classmates, adding a personal touch to each one.

2. Candy Heart Bingo

Play a Valentine-themed bingo game using candy hearts as markers. It’s a fun and delicious way to engage the whole class in a game of chance and excitement.

3. DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

Encourage creativity by providing materials for DIY Valentine cards. Include colored paper, glue, glitter, and other decorative items to let the kids design unique cards for their friends.

4. Valentine’s Day Book Reading

Choose heartwarming and age-appropriate Valentine’s Day books to read aloud in class. This activity not only promotes literacy but also creates a warm and festive atmosphere.

5. Heartfelt Door Decorations

Have each child create a heart-shaped decoration for the classroom door. This collaborative effort will make the entrance inviting and filled with love.

6. Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Organize a scavenger hunt with Valentine clues leading to a treasure trove of sweet treats or small toys. It’s an interactive and exciting way for kids to celebrate the day. Perhaps one of the best classroom Valentine Ideas on our list.

7. Valentine’s Day Puzzle Exchange

Provide each child with a blank puzzle and ask them to draw a Valentine’s message or picture. After completing their puzzles, have a puzzle exchange so that each child gets a unique Valentine puzzle to solve.

8. Love Notes Jar

Have the kids write positive notes about their classmates and put them in a jar. Distribute the notes, and watch the joy on the children’s faces as they read kind words from their friends.

9. Valentine’s Day Hat Parade

25 Best Classroom Valentine Ideas For Kids | Future Education Magazine

Let the kids create and decorate their own Valentine’s Day hats. Have a parade in the classroom where each child showcases their unique hat design.

10. Heart-shaped Cookies Decorating

Bake heart-shaped cookies and set up a decorating station with various icings and sprinkles. The kids can have a blast decorating their own sweet treats.

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11. Valentine’s Day Mad Libs

Create Valentine’s Day-themed Mad Libs for the kids to fill in. It’s a hilarious and educational way to celebrate the holiday while reinforcing language skills.

12. Classroom Love Tree

Cut out a large tree shape from poster board and attach it to the wall. Provide heart-shaped notes for the kids to write what they love about their classmates and hang them on the love tree.

13. Valentine’s Day Charades

Create a list of Valentine’s Day-related words or phrases for a game of charades. It’s a lively and entertaining way for the kids to express themselves.

14. Cupid’s Arrow Toss

Set up a target with heart-shaped cutouts, and let the kids try to toss Cupid’s arrows (decorative craft arrows) onto the target. It’s a simple yet engaging game that enhances hand-eye coordination.

15. Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages

Print out Valentine’s Day coloring pages and provide crayons for the kids to enjoy some relaxing and creative time.

16. Heart Hunt

Hide paper hearts around the classroom or play area. The children can search for the hearts and, once found, exchange them for small treats or stickers.

17. Valentine’s Day Memory Game

Create a memory game with pairs of Valentine-themed cards. It’s a fantastic way to improve memory skills while having fun.

18. Valentine’s Day STEM Activity

Engage the kids in a Valentine’s Day-themed STEM activity, such as building structures with heart-shaped marshmallows and toothpicks. It’s a hands-on learning experience with a festive twist.

19. Heart-Shaped Fruit Kabobs

Encourage healthy eating by providing heart-shaped fruit and letting the kids create their colorful fruit kabobs.

20. Valentine’s Day Dance Party

25 Best Classroom Valentine Ideas For Kids | Future Education Magazine

Create a playlist of upbeat, kid-friendly love songs and have a Valentine’s Day dance party in the classroom. It’s a great way to celebrate while staying active.

21. Valentine’s Day Science Experiments

Conduct simple and safe Valentine’s Day-themed science experiments that captivate the kids’ curiosity and teach them about various scientific concepts.

22. Crayon Heart Art

Melt old crayons into heart-shaped molds to create vibrant and unique crayon art. The kids will love the creative process and the beautiful results.

23. Valentine’s Day Photo Booth

Set up a photo booth with Valentine’s Day-themed props and backdrops. The kids can have a blast posing for pictures to capture the memories of this special day.

24. Heart Balloon Pop

Write fun activities on slips of paper, insert them into heart-shaped balloons before inflating, and let the kids pop the balloons to reveal the surprise activities.

25. Valentine’s Day Hat Decorating

Provide plain hats and an array of decorations for the kids to create their festive headwear. It’s a delightful and imaginative way to celebrate the holiday.


These 25 classroom Valentine ideas are designed to make Valentine’s Day an unforgettable and enjoyable experience for kids. From creative crafts to interactive games, each activity adds a touch of love and excitement to the classroom. By incorporating these ideas, teachers can create a warm and festive atmosphere that fosters friendship and camaraderie among students.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day in the classroom becomes not only a fun and memorable experience but also an opportunity to teach children the importance of kindness, friendship, and expressing love in various creative ways. I hope these 25 Classroom Valentine Ideas help you make this Valentine’s a memorable one.

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