Education Department Exposes 33 Unregistered Private Schools in Puducherry

Education Department Exposes 33 Unregistered Private Schools in Puducherry | Future Education Magazine


In a recent development, the Directorate of School Education in Puducherry has issued a public advisory cautioning against enrolling children in any of the 33 private schools found to be operating without official recognition. The list of these unapproved institutions has been made available on the official website at

Public Alert on Unrecognized Schools

The official notice from the Directorate of School Education states, “In the Puducherry Union Territory jurisdiction, it has come to know that while scrutinizing there are many Private schools which are functioning without the proper recognition from the Directorate of School Education, Puducherry. It is deemed as erroneous to run a school in such a state and it is against the law.” The notice emphasizes that admitting children to these unrecognized schools could result in bogus admissions, holding parents responsible for any future grievances.

Parents Advised to Verify Accreditation

Director of School Education, P Priytarshny, recommended that parents verify the accreditation of schools with the Puducherry Directorate of School Education before allowing their children to enroll. The notification underscores the importance of ensuring that schools possess the necessary recognition to avoid potential legal consequences.

Following the release of the list, Director Priytarshny revealed that closure notices have been served to all 33 unrecognized institutions. These establishments have been instructed to cease operations immediately. Admitted students from these schools are expected to be accommodated by either government schools or other private institutions.

Inspection Reveals Violations and Measures Taken

Reports indicate that, upon departmental inspection, the unrecognized schools were found operating in small buildings without proper authorization and in violation of safety regulations. Consequently, the Directorate of School Education promptly ordered the immediate closure of these institutions.

In response to the inspection findings, Director Priytarshny stated that urgent measures are being taken to address the situation and safeguard the educational interests of the students. The closure notices served to the unrecognised schools reflect the Department’s commitment to upholding educational standards and ensuring the safety of students.

Call for Enhanced Oversight

The incident underscores the need for enhanced oversight and regulatory measures to prevent the operation of unregistered educational institutions. It also highlights the Directorate’s dedication to maintaining the integrity of the education system in Puducherry. The revelation of 33 unapproved private schools in Puducherry emphasizes the critical role of regulatory bodies in ensuring the legitimacy and quality of educational institutions. The Department of School Education’s swift action and public disclosure serve as a reminder of the ongoing efforts to uphold educational standards and protect the welfare of students in the region. Parents and guardians are urged to exercise diligence in verifying the accreditation status of schools to avoid potential legal ramifications and safeguard the educational journey of their children.

List of Unrecognised Private Schools in Puducherry

1. Euro Kids: Vellavari St, Muthialpet, Puducherry.

2. Les Pappilon: Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, New Saram, Puducherry.

3. Hello Kids: Kumaran Nagar, Lawspet.

4. Shanthi Niwas: Solai Nagar, Muthialpet, Puducherry.

5. Magic Star Kindergarten: Kurusukuppam, Puducherry.

6. St. Bruno School: Krishna Nagar, Puducherry.

7. Agasthiya Montessori School: Brindavanam, Puducherry.

8. Iris Kids: Pakkamudayanpet, Puducherry.

9. Sri Little Ganesha: Saram, Puducherry.

10. Apple Kids: Lawspet, Puducherry.

11. Hello Kids: Reddiyarpalayam, Puducherry.

12. Tom Kids Play School: Thattanchavady, Puducherry.

13. Kids Hut Kindergarten: Ediayarplayam, Puducherry.

14. The Butterflies: Reddiyarpalayam, Puducherry.

15. Genie Kidz School: Murungapakam, Puducherry.

16. Eton Kiddies Play School: Dhilarshpet, Puducherry.

17. Little Dreams International Pre-School: Marie Oulgaret, Puducherry.

18. Happy Kids Montessori Academy: Ramanapuram, Puducherry.

19. Sparkling Kids: Kathrikamam, Puducherry.

20. Happy Kidz Play School: Gorimedu, Puducherry.

21. Lire Kindergarten: Nainiappa Pillai St. Puducherry.

22. Humming Birds Montessori School: Davidpet, Puducherry.

23. Sri Ram Vidhyalaya: Muthraiyarpalyam, Puducherry.

24. Welcome Kids Play School: Marie Oulgaret, Puducherry.

25. G.K Vidyalayam: Mutharaiyarpalayam, Puducherry.

26. Little Master International School: Dr. Radhakrishna Nagar, Puducherry.

27. Wise School of Academy: Kathirkamam, Puducherry.

28. Sri Bala Ganesha Nursery School: Shanmugapuram, Puducherry.

29. New Little Kids: Thanthai Periyar Nagar, Puducherry.

30. La Green Apple Montessori School: Anna Nagar, Puducherry.

31. Brainobrain Tiny Dots Play School: Manakula Vinayagar Nagar, Puducherry.

32. Alpha Kids International Pre-School: Koundampalayam, Puducherry.

33. Divine Kids Play School: Saradambal Nagar, Puducherry.

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