9 Best e-Learning Apps for Businesses

9 Best eLearning Apps for Businesses | Future Education Magazine


It’s an interesting statistic that the number of smartphones shipped each year has surpassed one billion. Therefore, it stands to reason that companies whose primary objective is to expand should consider making an investment in this sector. Bring your own device (BYOD) rules and resources that are available on mobile devices are two aspects of software that you should think about implementing not just for moving companies but also for all firms in general. The issue for eLearning Apps for Businesses that has to be answered is how your moving firm plans to put mobile devices, both corporate and employee, to work for its training program.

There is no need to panic if you are not yet prepared to commit the necessary resources to the development of native or online mobile eLearning Apps for Businesses. You already have access to a wide variety of original and cutting-edge approaches that may be of assistance to you in your company eLearning initiatives.

Here are 9 Best eLearning Apps for Businesses;

1. WordPress

Learn how to use WordPress and investigate the possibilities it offers.

WordPress is now among the top alternatives for eLearning software that are geared toward use in corporate settings and ranks among the most popular.

WordPress eLearning Apps for Businesses has proven itself as an excellent host for eLearning material, and this will continue to be the case regardless of the past, present, or future of eLearning applications for companies. In addition to that, the possibility of using it on a mobile device is also available, expanding the range of options available.

Everything that should be possible in an app version of a complete desktop website is included in the mobile version. In addition, it does not compromise any of the site’s functionalities while simultaneously improving the user experience by simplifying the site’s appearance. These capabilities include the following:

There are options provided for writing, editing, publishing, commenting, statistics, and report generation.

If you host your courses on WordPress, you are passing up an opportunity to improve your students’ experience if you do not utilize the mobile site. The mobile version of WordPress is entirely free to use, and it is also available for Android.

2. Skill Pill

With the Skill Pill eLearning Apps for Businesses, you are able to supply your learners with training videos that are condensed into manageable chunks (the program’s namesake “pills”), and it is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry devices. There is a wide variety of topics, such as:

management of sales and marketing as well as client service

9 Best eLearning Apps for Businesses | Future Education Magazine

In addition to eLearning Apps for Businesses, they may be combined in a variety of ways to give each student with an individually tailored curriculum. One further helpful function of Skill-Pill is that it allows users to create their own individualized training courses. The application doesn’t cost anything, and it comes pre-loaded with a few “Skill Pills.” You will, however, need to pay for a login with Skill Pill in order to have access to the whole course catalog.

3. Apple Keynote

We do not limit our analysis to only iOS and Android; instead, we also take into account the potential of Apple’s many hardware platforms. For instance, this one is great for creating course material on the go and is quite convenient. Keynote is an application that, like PowerPoint, enables users to make presentations on their iOS device.

Having the data saved in iCloud or Dropbox makes the choice to store it much more convenient. In addition, the capability to export presentations in a variety of formats makes Keynote an excellent tool for developing fundamental lesson materials regardless of where you happen to be.

4. iTunes U

Investigate the many technical advancements that are made available via eLearning Apps for Businesses.

Realize your full potential and make consistent efforts toward self-improvement; doing so will only serve to your advantage in the years to come.

9 Best eLearning Apps for Businesses | Future Education Magazine

Despite the fact that it comes preinstalled on every iOS device at no additional cost, instructional designers hardly never use this software from Apple. Every user is given access to a massive library that contains both free and paid educational material. This contains a wide variety of business and professional development classes totaling in the hundreds, if not thousands. Not only that, but it also gives you the ability to create your own courses that can be utilized on the iOS devices of your students. Learning that is more vocational or professional may still be pursued with the assistance of this instrument.

5. Edu-creations Interactive Whiteboard

Several displays being projected from the laptop.

Put some of the interactive eLearning Apps for Businesses through their paces.

You may think of this as a straightforward tool for the development of educational material on iOS-based devices. Even if you won’t have the chance to share whiteboards in real time with other users, the program still gives you the ability to perform the following things:

Create a variety of courses, videos, and photographs with annotations, and then send them to your students through email or post them on social media networks.

This is the answer for instructional designers who are always on the go and need to be able to quickly create performance support lessons for workers or technicians who are working in the field.

6. Lynda.com

Lynda.com provides a broad range of eLearning options, including the following, thanks to its extensive library of 564 business courses:

lessons on advanced Google AdWords, content marketing, management training, and accounting foundations are some of the topics covered.

You and your workers will get access to the courses via the app itself, and you will also have the ability to store and share them for offline viewing, in addition to being able to construct course playlists. There is also the possibility for you to broadcast the videos of the courses to a television using either Apple AirPlay or Chromecast, whichever you want. However, access to Lynda.com’s course collection begins at $19.99 a month for four users. The app itself is completely free.

7. E.Learning Age

It does not matter if you use iOS or Android to access this mobile edition of the well-known magazine E.Learning Age, which is situated in the UK. This publication discusses eLearning-related topics such as the latest news, case studies, and research. Additionally, you may access anything using the mobile app. You have the option to read the most recent version, bookmark articles, underline pertinent passages, and store them for later use.

9 Best eLearning Apps for Businesses | Future Education Magazine

8. Moodle Mobile

When it comes to eLearning Apps for Businesses, Moodle is only beneficial to those firms who currently utilize Moodle. When you take into account the fact that is one of the most widely used LMSs at the moment, achieving this goal won’t be nearly as challenging. Even if we are not talking about a full-version mobile replacement for the Moodle UI, the app nonetheless provides you with a variety of choices, including the following:

to post files, download course materials for offline viewing, communicate with other course participants, and monitor who is enrolled in the course.

9. Blackboard Collaborate Mobile

Blackboard is now the third most popular learning management system (LMS). Because of this, it has a lot of room for corporate learning, and the app is a fantastic complement to the infrastructure that is already in place. It enables you to, among other things:

participation in web conferencing meetings, including the ability to communicate, see whiteboard material and presentations, and respond to questions presented in multiple-choice format.

This application may be obtained at no cost on any mobile device running either iOS or Android. It is important to keep in mind, however, that in order to utilize it, you will need a hosted business Blackboard Collaborate license.

Bottom line

Business is more about implementing various strategies than just reading about them. eLearning Apps for Businesses can help you to improve your decision making power and track efficiency of your employees. With the help of these apps you can save your time in managing resources skillfully. Moreover, they will provide you wide approach towards managing your business and earning more profits in less time. We expect you enjoyed reading about these e-learning apps for business and found helpful.

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