9 Longest Bridges In The World To Take Your Breath Away

Top 9 Longest Bridges In The World To Take Your Breath Away | Future Education Magazine


When on vacation, we visit a lot of new places, explore the culture, and observe the history and literature behind it. Architecture plays a vital role when it comes to literature and the past history of a country. Globally speaking, the rich culture, history, and architectural nuances of specific countries have led to the recognition of the same. As we travel, on the journey we witness some bridges that are not only long but carry a literary story behind them. The longest bridges in the world are amazing to witness.

The engineering and the work behind the attraction are the most recognized and of value to the citizens of the people of the country. Studying the longest bridges in the world would be a good experience and good knowledge to possess. It is a tourist attraction. The size and the technical attributes leave us speechless. Some bridges are old, but still stand strong and are antique. While some are modern, sophisticated, and advanced structures. Amongst ranks, China is the first country to build one of the longest bridges in the world.

Here Is A List Of 9 Longest Bridges In The World:

1. Danyang-Kunshan Grand bridge

Top 9 Longest Bridges In The World To Take Your Breath Away | Future Education Magazine

Being 1,64,800 meters long, this is one of the longest bridges in the world, located in China. The construction for this bridge began in 2006 and over 10,000 people were employed in the making. It got completed in 2010 and the cost incurred was around $8.5 Billion. The present canals, lakes, rivers, and rice fields made the construction of the bridge necessary. It is part of the Beijing-Shanghai fast-speed rail line and is located between Shanghai and Nanjing in Jiangsu province. The Yangcheng Lake is nine kilometers long as the bridge passes over the waters.

2. Changhua-Koahsiung Viaduct

This stands second in the list of longest bridges in the world, as the length is 1,57,317 meters. It is an important part of the Taiwan High-Speed Rail line. The Changhua-Kaohsiung Viaduct got completed in 2007 due to the given geographical area between Baguazhang and Zuoying. It was built by rigorously following the anti-seismic criteria. This one is seven kilometers shorter than Changhua-Koahsiung Viaduct and is located in Taiwan.

3. Cangde Grand Bridge

In this list of the longest bridges in the world, the Cangde Grand Bridge stands in third place. With a length of 1,15,900 meters, this bridge is located along the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed line. The viaduct has a total of 3,092 pillars and got completed in 2010. The architecture of the bridge was implemented in a way to survive earthquakes. Due to it being so vast and huge, it should have the capacity of bearing an earthquake as the main agenda.

4. Tianjin Grand bridge

Top 9 Longest Bridges In The World To Take Your Breath Away | Future Education Magazine

Recognized as the fourth largest bridge in the world, located in Asia, China is 1,13,700 meters long. It lies in between the stretch of Langfang and Qingxian. The construction began in 2006 and took 2010 to complete. The bridge was launched and the opening ceremony happened in 2011.  

5. Weinan Weihe Grand bridge

This structure is detached from the previously detached extensions from the viaducts. The Weinan Weihe Grand Bridge is actually 79,732 meters long. The construction ended in 2008 as they wanted to conquer the title of one of the longest bridges in the world. This viaduct is part of the Zhengzhou – Xián High-Speed Railway.

6. Hong Kong-Zhuzai-Macao bridge

Among the longest bridges in the world, this one stands at number six in to the list. Inaugurated in 2018, this structure connects Hing-Kong Zhuzai and Macao, the most vital cities of the Pearl River- which is also the crossing of the Lingdingyang Canal. The bridge is 55,717 meters in length. The construction of it got over in 2017, eight years post the work started. The steel used in the construction is about 4,00,000 tonnes and has a tunnel that is underwater. It is nearly 7 kilometers long.   

7. Bang Na Expressway, Thailand

In the list of longest bridges in the world, this is the largest automotive viaduct in the list. About 34 miles long, the construction was completed in 2000. It is well-known for not crossing a large water mass. It only pivots the Bang Pakong River for a short distance. It is a 6-lane highway above another highway, so it’s a visual treat to watch the same.

8. Beijing Grand Bridge

Top 9 Longest Bridges In The World To Take Your Breath Away | Future Education Magazine

The two business hubs are connected via the Beijing Grand Bridge, those are Beijing and Shanghai. It is the fourth bridge that comes into the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed Railway network. The construction was completed in 2010 and was functional to railway traffic in 2011. This bridge is located in the southern part of Beijing immediately.

9. Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, US

This bridge runs over water on a constant basis and is one of the longest bridges in the world and the United States. It consists of two parallel bridges crossing Lake Pontchartrain in southern Louisiana. One of them is 24 miles longer than the other. The first of the two bridges was completed in 1956. As the traffic rose, the plan for a second parallel bridge began and was opened to the public in 1969.


Bridges carry a rich architectural view all over the globe. The bigger the bridge, the better and richer the history of the same. People who are tourists, come to witness the bridge’s structure and gather information on the formation and facts involved during the making of it. When experiencing the same, you will feel a sensation of gliding over water and being a water sports person. Bridges have always been the mark or identity of a country, and are famous for the same.

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