According To The Times Higher Education Young University Rankings, Abu Dhabi University Is Ranked 58th Worldwide

Abu Dhabi University Is Ranked 58th Worldwide | Future Education Magazine


Abu Dhabi University (ADU) has once again received recognition from the prestigious Times Higher Education Young University Rankings 2023, building on a successful track record of worldwide recognition.

In its first year of participation, Abu Dhabi University placed fourth out of ten academic institutions in the UAE, sixth out of 167 universities from 15 countries in the region, and 58th out of 963 institutions worldwide, reflecting the university’s successes in the fields of academia, research, and education. In addition to demonstrating great performance in teaching, where it was recognised with the top rank in the UAE and second in the region, ADU has seen substantial growth across a variety of disciplines. It also came in second place nationally for citations and global viewpoint.

“We take great pride in ADU’s well-deserved recognition by the prestigious Times Higher Education Young University Rankings 2023,” stated Professor Ghassan Aouad, the university’s chancellor. This outstanding accomplishment is a testament to the unwavering dedication of our faculty and staff, who consistently go above and beyond to give our students the skill set and cutting-edge educational approaches they need to succeed in their future career markets and emerge as tomorrow’s leaders. At Abu Dhabi University, we are committed to provide accredited programmes of the highest calibre while also making investments in scientific research to encourage innovation and develop a culture of creative thinking among our teachers and students.

According to the Times Higher Education ranks, Abu Dhabi University obtained multiple ranks for its outstanding achievements in curriculum development, scientific research, teaching, and many other areas. In addition to holding the top spot in the teaching pillar, ADU also achieved rankings of second locally and fourteenth globally for the highest proportion of international students as a result of these rankings, which propelled ADU to become known as one of the top three universities in the UAE.

World of opportunities at Abu Dhabi University

According to the Times Higher Education rankings, ADU, which is renowned for its cutting-edge, internationally recognised degrees, produces highly employable graduates, placing first in the UAE for the graduate employability index. Abu Dhabi University is ranked seventh globally and second in the UAE for its international approach.

In addition to placing among the top four universities and first for teaching in the UAE for the university’s excellence in academics, research, and educational experience, ADU was recently ranked as the 59th best university in the Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings 2023, competing with over 669 universities from over 31 countries.

ADU, a young institution with numerous international accreditations, continues to offer competitive and accredited programmes in accordance with the National Agenda of the UAE Government and top global rankings. It also receives recognition internationally for its renowned curricula, cutting-edge learning environment, and top-notch education.

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