Attack On Desantis By Randi Weingarten On Education Backfires Since He “Literally Closed Every School In The Country,” She Says

Randi Weingarten Attack On Desantis Over Education Backfires: 'literally Closed Every School In The Country' | Future Education Magazine


After criticizing Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis at the GOP debate on Wednesday and calling him a “disaster” for education in Florida, American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten came under fire on Thursday.

“DeSantis has done terrible things for schooling. They have a major teacher shortage and are outlawing AP psychology, history, novels, and other subjects. Nobody ought to listen to his counsel on education, Weingarten wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Weingarten’s allegation was swiftly refuted by detractors, who charged that she was attempting to keep schools closed throughout the COVID-19 outbreak.

In April, Weingarten gave a testimony to the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic about the influence her union has had on public policy about lockdowns in schools.

She claimed that the COVID-19 pandemic transition team for President Biden was the first to get in touch with her union to ask for advice on school closings. Randi Weingarten has received harsh criticism for her position on closing schools during the outbreak.

In response to Weingarten’s assertion, Florida GOP Vice Chairman Evan Power stated she had been a “disaster for education.”

“She wanted children to be expelled from school and made to wear masks. She is where the learning losses begin and stop, he wrote.

Someone else responded to Randi Weingarten’s letter by saying, “The people who banned *school* don’t get to talk about this.” The AFT president responded forcefully to her detractors in a letter published in the Wall Street Journal in 2022, which was followed by an editorial titled “Randi Weingarten Flunks the Pandemic.” 

Karol Markowicz retorted, “She’s still pissed she couldn’t get Florida schools to close and she only got to punish poor kids in blue areas.

Others claimed it was a resounding endorsement of DeSantis, who had criticised the former president Donald Trump’s handling of COVID-19 at the GOP debate on Wednesday.

DeSantis declared that he would have dismissed Dr. Anthony Fauci, the White House COVID-19 pandemic response coordinator under the Trump administration.

“How did we get into this mess? DeSantis said at the debate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, “How this federal government handled COVID-19 by locking down this economy is part of it and a huge factor.

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