USC Professor Minuette Floyd Honored with Governor’s Award for Arts in Education

USC Professor Minuette Floyd Honored with Governor's Award for Arts in Education | Future Education Magazine


Source- University of South Carolina

A University of South Carolina (USC) professor, Minuette Floyd, has been recognized with the prestigious Governor’s Award for Arts in Education, the highest honor bestowed by the state for outstanding contributions to the arts.

Floyd, a distinguished professor of art education in USC’s School of Visual Art and Design, was announced as the recipient of the award by the South Carolina Arts Commission on behalf of Governor Henry McMaster. This accolade acknowledges individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and achievement in practicing or supporting the arts.

With a background as a former elementary art teacher, Floyd has been instrumental in providing enriching experiential learning opportunities for students both within and beyond the classroom. Notably, she has led impactful service-learning programs to destinations such as London and South Africa, broadening students’ horizons and fostering cultural exchange.

David Platts, Executive Director of the Arts Commission, praised Floyd’s extensive contributions, stating, “Dr. Floyd’s cumulative work and approach to arts learning earned her this honor. Her inclusion practices have had a statewide impact, and expanded access to arts learning.”

Innovating Arts in Education and Empowering Youth

Floyd’s commitment to advancing arts education extends beyond traditional boundaries. She secured funding through a grant that enabled 10 first-generation college students to travel with her to Ghana in 2023, using art experiences to facilitate cross-cultural dialogue and understanding. This initiative aligns with Floyd’s research interests, which encompass multicultural art education, interdisciplinary art instruction, and the documentation of folk traditions through photography.

Moreover, Floyd has played a pivotal role as the professor of record for the state education department’s Curriculum Leadership Institute in the Arts since 2002. Additionally, she directs the Young Artist’s Workshop, a program where art education majors develop and teach comprehensive instructional units to children from the Midlands. Notably, Floyd also offers scholarships to underrepresented youth, ensuring access to this enriching program.

Honoring Minuette Floyd: A Spotlight on Arts Education Excellence

The upcoming Governor’s Award for the Arts ceremony, scheduled for mid-May, will see Floyd and other recipients honored during a broadcast on South Carolina ETV. As part of the ceremony, a short film by a South Carolina filmmaker will spotlight Floyd’s remarkable achievements, providing well-deserved recognition for her invaluable contributions to arts education.

Minuette Floyd’s dedication to fostering creativity, cultural understanding, and educational excellence exemplifies the spirit of the Governor’s Award for Arts in Education, underscoring the profound impact of arts education on individuals and communities alike.

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