5 Best Examples of Personalized Learning


Learning is a fluid activity and every student has a different pace in it. Countering their needs and interests, personalized learning provides the most effective learning ways. It gives justice to the potential of every student and develops the capability to nurture and implement skills. Every individual can attain the learning abilities that may support every student in their academic journey. In this article, you will read about 5 best examples of personalized learning that can change the environment within the classroom and enhance a strong understanding of concepts.

Here are the 5 Best Examples of Personalized Learning;

1. Tutoring on an Individual Basis

When there are two people involved in a scenario, a student and a teacher, it is essential for the teacher to have a thorough understanding of precisely what the learner currently knows so that they may connect that knowledge to new material.

Take a look at the following Examples of personalized learning, parent explaining autos to their child: A recent question from my kid was, “What is this, and why do you need it for?” about the shifting on my automobile that has a manual gearbox.

5 Best Examples of Personalized Learning | Future Education Magazine

After giving it some thought for a while, I was able to explain it to him by telling him about the shifter and gear mechanics on his bike, which provide him the ability to modify the speed-to-effort ratio.

After that, I made the connection between the idea of those mechanics and the shifter in my vehicle. Because I was familiar with some aspect of my son’s prior experience, I was able to relate new knowledge to that experience and make it simple for him to grasp the new idea.

What if the parent decided to communicate this idea by drawing schematics of engines and gearboxes and spoke in a vocabulary that is often reserved for advanced mechanical engineering?

This new knowledge would have been completely foreign to the child, and he would not have been able to make any connections between it and the things that he previously knew. The youngster would acquire no new knowledge, and it is quite probable that he would stop asking questions of this kind to his parent after realizing that the response would be beyond his ability to comprehend.

Examples of personalized learning on an individual basis may be accomplished in this way by ingeniously using what is already known about the learner and relating that information to newly acquired knowledge.

2. Mentoring

Mentoring is one of the most well-known Examples of personalized learning to tailor one’s educational experience. The employee with greater experience is given the responsibility of serving as a mentor to the employee with less experience.

Because the mentor has been in the mentee’s shoes before, he is able to empathize with the challenges that the mentee is going through and direct the mentee’s learning in the direction of comprehension thanks to the wisdom he has gained from his own experiences.

5 Best Examples of Personalized Learning | Future Education Magazine

The scalability of this architecture is inadequate, despite the fact that it functions quite well.

3. Online course providers

You have unquestionably encountered courses similar to these, and you have almost certainly participated in at least one of them.

Coursera, edX, Linkedin Learning, OpenSesame, and a very large number of additional online education platforms. You have a personal account that the system uses to monitor and save all of your learning data in order to provide you with recommendations for new courses that are relevant to you. This is the case across all of these services.

After you have completed one course, the platform will provide you with options for more advanced courses or resources related to the topic.

4. Search engines

The most common kind Examples of personalized learning is done via the use of search engines. Google provides you with responses that are specific to your inquiries.

If you like reading and purchase books online or visit several publisher websites in search of a new book, Google will keep track of this activity on your behalf. When you search for “Harry Potter” on Google, the algorithm will provide you with the greatest deals from various online book stores. On the other hand, if you like watching movies and do so often online, you may find that many of the responses to your questions are linked to movies.

Even if the theme is the same—”Harry Potter”—Google is aware that it has a distinct variety of material.

Knowledge Graph, the underlying technology that makes it possible, brings together disparate facets of the topics.

In conclusion, you will be able to see the findings that are most relevant to your situation. There is a book, a movie, and a character named Harry Potter. You may even find images and profiles of the actor Daniel Radcliffe, who performed the role of Harry Potter in the movies.

5 Best Examples of Personalized Learning | Future Education Magazine

Personalization of education is the method that Google employs in order to fulfill its mission of giving people access to information that is as relevant to their needs as is reasonably achievable.

5. Corporate training example

Air Methods, a helicopter medical transport firm located in Colorado, Examples of personalized learning to enhance the effectiveness of their pilot training program.

Using a cloud-based learning system, they turned to artificial intelligence to identify the subject areas in which pilots were having difficulty. They then presented additional information and questions that were phrased in a different way to ensure that pilots had a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

The organization was quickly able to identify areas in which more training was required since the pilots were kept interested via the use of regular, brief tests and games.

Because of the usage of customized learning, the organization was able to cut in-person, instructor-led training sessions in half, and the number of days required for onboarding was decreased from ten to five.

Bottom line

Personalized learning is the best platform for teachers to challenge their teaching skills and enhance the learning experience of their students. Online platforms can assist them with valuable opportunities. As mentioned above, these Examples of personalized learnings are the right choice for students to check their learning aptitude in lesser time. They are different than traditional ways of learning, however, they can make your students ready to face the most advanced challenges in the future.

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