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The global teaching process has unquestionably improved as a result of the COVID epidemic. A very traditional one quickly underwent many adjustments to become the new technology one. Everyone’s roles in the classroom have changed as a result of this online teaching method. One that originally involved a monologue has evolved into a group discussion. Presently, students are given very real-world issues to solve through brainstorming.

Campus of Dreams: Canterbury Institute of Management

At all three of its approved campuses, Canterbury Institute of Management (CIM) provides exceptional on-campus working environments. Every college campus takes the essential precautions to guarantee student safety and an excellent learning environment in general. In this area, CIM stands out from the competition by giving students the best care possible. 

The Canterbury Institute of Management (CIM) places a strong emphasis on adhering to tight and stringent standards to give students a secure environment in which to work and learn. Special attention is given to their international students, who are covered by Medibank Private insurance. This policy guarantees that all students are completely covered in the event of any unwelcome incidence or illness.

Instead of being dispersed over numerous floors of a multi-story building, all three of CIM’s campuses are strategically and centrally positioned on the Ground Floor in important hubs and showcase cutting-edge facilities. Each location has high-tech labs, Zoom Rooms facilities, conference spaces, and a unique amenity known as “chill spaces” for students. All locations are quite near to community libraries, sports facilities and public transportation.

The Canterbury Institute of Management (CIM) is waiting for permission to begin its postgraduate programmes, but it presently offers undergraduate programmes.

“We are committed to wellbeing of our staff and students.”

Canterbury Institute of Management (CIM) has First Aid Officers and Floor Wardens to address any emergencies or difficult situations. The institute has developed important safety policies which are followed by all staff and students i.e.

  • Occupational Health and Safety Policy
  • Critical Incident and Emergency Planning

CIM recognises that critical incidents and emergencies may occur at any time. Therefore, the key policies and plans detail the arrangements regarding critical incidents and emergencies.

Canterbury Institute of Management(CIM) Campuses-

SYDNEY-1: 41 McLaren Street, NORTH SYDNEY NSW 2060

New South Wales’s capital is Sydney. Sydney is a port city with some of the world’s best waterways and tallest skyscrapers. The major transport, educational, sporting, governmental, and tourist facilities are all within walking distance of the North Sydney Campus, which is situated on the northern side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

SYDNEY-2: 21 Regent Street, Redfern NSW 2016

Redfern is a Sydney inner-city suburb and a component of the City of Sydney’s local government area. Approximately 100 metres separate the CIM campus from Redfern train station and 700 metres separate it from Sydney Central Station.

The University of Sydney/UTS/Café and shopping centre are both conveniently close to the campus. As a sporting arena and a space for community meditation, Redfern Park has always been a vital social, cultural, political, and historical location for Aboriginal people.

DARWIN: 2 Printers Place, DARWIN CITY NT 0800

The Northern Territory of Australia is headquartered in Darwin. It also serves as an entrance to the renowned Kakadu National Park. Numerous beaches and open spaces, such as Bicentennial Park, may be found in the area’s well-liked waterfront. Public transport, educational, sporting, governmental, and tourist facilities are all nearby the CIM Darwin Campus.

Darwin is a regional area, and students may apply for a Graduate Skills Visa valid for up to 4 years. The flying time to Darwin from Indonesia and the Philippines is only a few hours. South India is closer than Sydney to this place.

Unity in Diversity-

“A key principle at CIM is that ALL stakeholders foster diversity and inclusivity at all levels and all sections of the Institute.”

The Institute is dedicated to fostering an atmosphere that reflects and supports the social and cultural diversity within the Institute and the communities it serves, as well as offering equal opportunity and freedom from discrimination, harassment, and criticism for staff and students of the Institute.

The Diversity and Equity Policy at CIM is thorough and significant, and it is made available to all employees and students.

The Governing Council and Academic Board of (CIM) have approved a number of additional policies that promote tolerance and diversity at CIM. Among them are:

  • Stakeholder Feedback Policy
  • Human Resources Management Policy
  • Ethical Clearance Policy
  • Staff Code of Conduct
  • Strategic Plan
  • Student Code of Conduct
  • Student Grievance Management Policy
  • Mental Health Strategy and Implementation Plan

“The Institute aims to ensure that our students are happy and healthy in all aspects of their lives. We understand that students need to have a balance between study, work, and leisure. It is also essential that students form strong social connections.”

The Institute’s student association plans events and informs students about issues relating to their wellbeing. They routinely alert students about free neighbourhood gatherings, such as festivals and public holidays, that foster a sense of community.

To stop sexual harassment, all faculty and students are urged to be aware of it, reject it, and speak out against it.

Through the provision of assistance and innovations in services linked to student and staff mental wellbeing, Canterbury Institute of Management (CIM) has shown its continued commitment to mental well-being.

Setting a Benchmark-

“CIM’s Academic and Marketing Teams have worked hard together to create a welcoming and nurturing experience for ALL students.”

The Academic Insights Magazine named CIM one of the Top 10 Universities-Higher Education Providers in Australia because of its commitment to improving education. 

The Canterbury Institute of Management (CIM) is one of the top institutions for higher education for both students and staff on all of its campuses thanks to its top-notch, custom-built learning and teaching facilities.

“Every feature of the university was built in a way that will encourage creativity and support better learning.”

With cutting-edge facilities like an eLearning platform (customised module), on-campus computer labs, and Wi-Fi enabled campus buildings, Canterbury Institute of Management (CIM) has been at the forefront of integrating technological aspects into their teaching process. This has made the entire module a student-focused one. 

The CIM Executive Management Team employs the following procedure to regularly assess the effectiveness of resources and facilities within its purview:

Every member of the Executive Management Team is obligated to report on any difficulties with facilities and resources at every meeting.

When CIM facilities and resources need to be improved, the Executive Management Team determines the necessary activities and assigns them to the appropriate individual for completion within the specified timeframe.

Students can use the following IT resources:

  • Dedicated student office 365 Microsoft exchange email accounts;
  • Microsoft Office license for students;
  • High tech IT labs;
  • Fast internet on campus for personal devices;
  • Libraries with digital newspapers and online journals and books; 
  • Virtual EPBAX Systems between campuses with direct communication of students in Sydney and Darwin; 
  • Zoom enabled classroom facilities;
  • Classrooms with projectors screens with speakers/ microphones for remote learning zoom classes.

“CIM provides strong academic and pastoral care. Our team of academics consists of learned scholars and experienced educators with sound industry links. Our student services’ staff takes great pride in providing quality support and mentorship.”

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