12 Best E-Learning Tools for Corporate Training

11 Best E-Learning Tools for Corporate Training | Future Education Magazine


When a company invests in its employees, it is essentially investing in its own future success. By investing in their workers via continuous e-learning tools for corporate training, businesses can foster a staff that is more likely to thrive in a changing environment and make significant contributions to the success of the business.

When done well, corporate training may increase a company’s earnings per worker by as much as 218%.

Traditional instructor-led learning sessions are ineffective as a means of employee training since the trend toward remote work has become increasingly common with the spread of COVID. Organizations are using corporate LMS (learning management systems) to give their workers remote, flexible, learn-at-your-own-pace, and individualized training in order to stay up with the remote work culture and sustain high workforce efficiency. In this blog, we are going to learn about e-learning tools for corporate training.

Here are the 12 Best E-Learning Tools for Corporate Training;

1. Canva

11 Best E-Learning Tools for Corporate Training | Future Education Magazine

E-learning tools for corporate training, Corporate eLearning often includes presentations. Canva is a great example of a program that gives users a wide range of visually appealing presentation templates. There is a wide variety of aesthetically attractive and completely editable presentation templates available, from more traditional styles to infographic formats. To put it another way, this will help make eLearning in the workplace more engaging and fun. The application also allows you to design graphics, which may be used to spice up your presentations.

2. Skype

Can you imagine utilizing Skype for online instruction? Educators who work remotely from one another in the same firm may stay in contact and even conduct online training sessions with the help of Skype. Skype sessions may be scheduled to educate students on new material or to collaborate with colleagues inside the company to check in on the delivery and reception of communications.

Skype is also a fantastic instant messaging platform for teachers and students. Questions and answers may be exchanged in a couple of minutes, which is useful if a teacher has to get a message over fast. A basic video conference can handle more in-depth conversations.

3. Mysimpleshow

To make a video using mysimpleshow, all you need is access to the Internet. If you’re in the business of training and development or designing eLearning courses, you’ll love these awesome e-learning tools for corporate training that lets you make your own explainer movies on any subject. Making a film using the available narrative templates may assist explain anything, whether it’s a change process or an introduction to new board members.

You may use them to make a video collection, improve a PowerPoint, or have students make their own movies to prove they understand the material. These resources may then be shared on a social learning platform such as Wikispaces.

4. Wikispaces

Another excellent e-learning platform is Wikispaces. Instructors and students may work together on a dynamic document using Wikispaces. It has some similarities to Wikipedia, but it also has some important differences. The corporate administrator may make a custom homepage, complete with relevant links and simple picture uploads.

11 Best E-Learning Tools for Corporate Training | Future Education Magazine

Organizational learners may benefit from having access to shared courses, media, and other resources, or from working together to create their own wiki for learning. The site administrator can play videos from YouTube, create polls, embed maps, and display slideshows all using Wikispaces. In addition, it reveals who is reading what and who has finished a certain task.

5. Quizlet

Those in charge of corporate eLearning and education can see how effectively their students are grasping course material with the help of assessment e-learning tools for corporate training like Quizlet. The use of such instruments is also very beneficial for gauging the success of training and education initiatives.

With Quizlet, corporate educators may quickly and easily build study resources, such as flashcards, for students and trainees. Create a quiz by adding words and definitions to the content creation page. The results of the test will be converted into flashcards and minigames by Quizlet. Link to quizzes may be copied from the webpage and put into other social learning platforms.

6. Paylocity

Employees are given training on new skills, policies, goods, and more using Paylocity’s learning management system. Experts in a certain field may use this app to build and distribute microlearning lessons to their colleagues. Paylocity’s mobile app is a big selling point since it allows workers to continue their education wherever they happen to be.

7. Litmos for SAP

The SAP Litmos Learning Management System (LMS) allows for rapid deployment of training programs and easy integration with other essential business systems like customer relationship management (CRM), human resources management (HRM), and web conferencing software. Organizational compliance is maintained, employee engagement is increased, and brands are safeguarded.

8. TalentLMS

11 Best E-Learning Tools for Corporate Training | Future Education Magazine

TalentLMS is an enterprise LMS built for the specific purposes of training, onboarding, and compliance education for all employees. In-house and remote workers alike may benefit from this cloud-based LMS’s versatility. Employees may access the TalentLMS platform from any mobile device, and they are free to study at their own speed, pausing and resuming their studies whenever they choose. This is one of the best tools in the list of e-learning tools for corporate training.

9. LearnUpon

Using LearnUpon’s enterprise LMS, businesses can create, distribute, track, and evaluate educational initiatives for their staff from a single location. LearnUpon, with its user-centric technology and industry-leading experience, aids organizations in providing training that has a significant effect on employee onboarding, development, and productivity.

10. Lessonly

Lessonly is an employee-training platform that streamlines the development, rollout, and administration of training programs for businesses of all sizes. Lessonly uses in-house training courses written specifically for each employee. On-demand quizzes and tests are used to evaluate how well a training program is working.

11. Articulate Storyline 360

Articulate Storyline is an authoring e-learning tools for corporate training and Windows desktop courses that borrows the familiar look and feel of PowerPoint. When compared to the versatility it provides, the learning curve is rather low. The software may be used to create adaptive, device-agnostic interactive courses.

12. Docebo

With Docebo LMS’s robust configuration engine, you can rapidly get your educational programs up and running by tailoring content to particular audiences via the use of drag-and-drop features. It is well-regarded for its user-friendliness, high levels of reconfigurability, powerful learning management, and delivery features, and reasonable price structure.


Train freshers, corporate training plays a crucial role and builds valuable human resources for the bright future of the company. These e-learning tools for corporate training are to be implemented and help employees to enrich their skills. In this blog, you must have received an idea of how these tools work and how they can increase the efficiency of corporate work culture.

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