Idaho Department of Education Unveils New Look, Logo, and Branding

Idaho Department of Education Unveils New Look, Logo, and Branding | Future Education Magazine


The Idaho Department of Education has undergone a significant transformation, introducing a fresh logo and visual style coinciding with the tenure of State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Debbie Critchfield. The new logo, designed by Stoltz Marketing Group, features an outline of the state, an open book, and sun rays, encapsulating the essence of learning and the promise inherent in an Idaho public education, according to Scott Graf, the department’s communications director. This modern emblem replaces a logo that has been in use for over 50 years.

A Broader Initiative to Align the Department with New Leadership

The decision to rebrand comes as part of a broader initiative to align the Idaho Department of Education with new leadership and vision. Critchfield, a Republican elected last year, marks a change in administration, making it an opportune time for a visual update to reflect the department’s evolving identity.

Stoltz Marketing Group, a Boise-based firm with a track record of providing branding services to both private and public entities, secured the branding project through a bid. The Idaho Department of Education invested $48,298.21 in this endeavor, which covered various elements, as outlined in statements of work provided to Idaho Education News:

  • New Logo, Visuals, and Messages with Style Guide: $25,000
  • Brand Templates for Business Cards, Letterhead, and Digital Communication: $10,000
  • Monthly Account and Project Management: $9,000
  • Research and Discovery: $5,000

While the department initially budgeted around $63,000 for the project, it managed to complete the rebranding at a cost of nearly $15,000 less than anticipated. The decision not to proceed with a proposed redesign of the department’s website, estimated at $10,000, contributed to the overall savings. Officials determined that the proposed changes would not sufficiently enhance the site’s functionality as hoped.

This Move Echoes a Trend

This move echoes a trend seen in other educational and public institutions, such as the Boise School District, which paid Stoltz $200,000 last year for a new logo and marketing campaign. Similarly, the Ada County Highway District sought a redesign, investing $80,000 in North Star Place Branding for the project. The Idaho Department of Education’s rebranding initiative reflects a broader effort to modernize and professionalize its visual identity, ensuring it aligns with contemporary standards and effectively communicates its mission to the public.

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