Rising Deportations: Indian Government Expresses Concerns over 28 Students Sent Back from the US in 2023

Indian Government Expresses Concerns over 28 Students Sent Back from the US | Future Education Magazine


In a recent announcement to the Lok Sabha, Minister of State for External Affairs V Muraleedharan disclosed a concerning trend – 28 Indian students were deported from the United States to India in the year 2023. The revelation came in response to questions raised by members of the Trinamool Congress, Pratima Mondal and Prof. Sougata Ray.

Indian Government has Raised Concerns with US Authorities

While the minister did not provide state-wise data on the deportations, he made it clear that the Indian government has raised concerns with US authorities. The primary issue revolves around ensuring fairness in the entry of Indian students who hold valid student visas. The government has urged the US to address these instances and uphold a just process for students studying in the country.

In response to these challenges, Indian Embassy/Consulates in the US are actively providing consular assistance whenever such cases come to their attention. This assistance is crucial in ensuring that the students have the necessary support when facing deportation.

Ongoing Efforts of the Indian Government in Promoting Safe and Legal Migration

Moreover, the minister highlighted the ongoing efforts of the Indian government in promoting safe and legal migration. The Ministry and Indian Missions/Posts abroad regularly organize outreach programs and issue advisories to sensitize Indian nationals, including students, about the importance of legal and secure migration. These initiatives also aim to caution individuals about the risks associated with fraudulent agents and fake job offers.

To address the issue of fraudulent agents and illegal migration, the Indian government takes a proactive approach. Complaints received are referred to the respective state governments for investigation, with a focus on holding the perpetrators accountable. This multifaceted strategy aims to protect Indian nationals from falling victim to scams and ensures that they have accurate information and resources when seeking opportunities abroad.

The increasing number of Indian students pursuing education in the United States has been a notable trend in recent years. According to the Open Doors Report released in November, there has been a substantial 63% increase in the number of Indians pursuing postgraduate studies in the US during the academic year 2022-23. Surpassing China for the first time in 15 years, India has become the largest source of international graduate students in the United States.

The Diverse Academic Pursuits of Indian Students in the US

In addition to postgraduate studies, the overall number of Indian students in the US reached 2.68 lakh last year, covering both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. This figure includes students enrolled in Optional Practical Training programs, reflecting the diverse academic pursuits of Indian students in the US.

Despite the rise in the number of Indian students heading to the US for education, challenges such as visa appointments and deportations persist. The US issued over 1,40,000 visas to Indian students last year, highlighting the country’s continued appeal as an educational destination. Efforts are being made to streamline visa appointment processes, acknowledging the growing demand among Indian students to study in the US.

In conclusion, the recent revelation of 28 Indian students being deported from the US in 2023 underscores the importance of ongoing diplomatic efforts. The Indian government remains vigilant in addressing challenges faced by its students abroad and continues to advocate for fair and transparent procedures for those seeking education in the United States. As India solidifies its position as a leading source of international students in the US, ensuring the well-being and rights of these students becomes a paramount concern for both nations.

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