Judge Continues To Block Ohio GOP’s Plan To Reform K–12 Education

Judge Continues To Block Ohio GOP's Plan To Reform K–12 Education | Future Education Magazine


Ohio’s educational system is undetermined.

Once again, a Columbus judge disallowed the GOP’s attempt to restructure the K–12 public education system by transferring authority from the Ohio Department of Education to the governor’s office.

Michelle Newman, a member of the state board, said, “The changes that have advanced, which I believe are unconstitutional and illegal, remove the voice of parents when it comes to public education.”

Newman and other Board of Education (BOE) members sued the state for overreach in the fight against a K–12 public school makeover.

Currently, the board is in charge of how K–12 education in the state is organised.

After the election in November 2022, Democrats will hold seven of the 11 seats in the legislature. The elected positions make sure that the entire board can’t pass every resolution it wants because a 2/3 majority is required. Governor DeWine appointed eight people to the 19 total seats. Now that the GOP holds 12 members, a Democrat would have to defect in order for the proposal to pass. The number of people attending could alter this.

However, a clause in the state budget prevents the members from formulating educational policy, setting financial guidelines, and carrying out programmes. The governor’s new Department of Education and Workforce would be in charge of those responsibilities.

Seven board members launched a lawsuit, claiming that the state constitution safeguards the independence of the state board.

Jonathan Entin, a legal professor at Case Western Reserve University, noted that this week, Franklin County Judge Karen Held Phipps awarded Newman a minor victory.

“There is a temporary order that freezes the situation in place while the case plays out on a reasonably expedited basis,” said Entin.

Held Phipps determined that the present temporary restraining order (TRO) prohibiting the revamp will stand until October 20.

After she postponed the GOP effort on Monday, the TRO was extended until October 5.

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