The Latest Trends in Video Game Development

Latest 9 Big Trends in Video Game Development | Future Education Magazine


The video game industry is an ever-evolving one. A lot of game testing and development is constantly going on. To survive in the competition, gaming companies must be at their best. The nation’s youngsters are always curious about new games coming in the market. The gaming industry has reached 3.2 million gamers as declared in 2022. The revenue is estimated at around $200 billion. It is set to only increase further. As new game launches are in full swing, no one can predict where this industry is headed in terms of development.

As the Xbox series X and PS5 are now recently launched, gamers are really looking forward to the industry. New and immersive technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) have exceptionally changed the scene for gaming companies.

Here Are 9 Latest Trends in the Video Game Scene:

1. Mobile gaming:

Latest 9 Big Trends in Video Game Development | Future Education Magazine

In the video game scene, this one is the most comfortable or preferred element. Smartphones or tablets have made the video game experience easier and more user-friendly. Most gaming companies are coming up with more mobile-friendly games for ease of use. As this is the most common device i.e. a mobile phone or a tablet, it is easy for the users to play. The handiness of the mobile phone helps in a good user experience.

2. Cloud gaming:

Cloud gaming is a method of playing games via making use of remote servers in data centers. This comes into the category of streaming and doesn’t need a download on a computer or mobile phone. The only thing required is an internet connection that sends signals to the recipient device via an app or browser. You can stream the games on other devices like Amazon Fire TV Stick or use Google Chromecast.   

3. Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality:

The best example of a video game in the virtual or augmented reality category is Pokémon Go. It was so addictive to people and gamers enjoyed it so much that it created a lot of buzz all over the world to grab the Pokémon. As these devices give a visual experience, the video game industry has transformed as those are visuals too. The collaboration of virtual or augmented reality and the video game industry has an excellent future ahead.

4. Cross-Platform gaming:

Playing games without any competition is no excitement. In the video game universe, this counts as a multi-player element. With a stable internet connection, you can play with anyone on multiple devices across borders. As the players are far away and on multiple devices, it is more convenient and easily accessible. The main purpose of this cross-platform gaming is you can have multiple players at a single time. You can also send messages or chat with each other while you play the video game via your respective devices.  

5. Game streaming:

Latest 9 Big Trends in Video Game Development | Future Education Magazine

Content creation is an ideal field for video game players too. Game streaming refers to having a look at how other gamers play in order to understand the game before you start playing. Gamers playing in front of you can also be seen live. This live-streaming trend is increasing more than ever in 2023. People show themselves while playing games, that too live, so it is a visual treat for those watching.

6. Artificial Intelligence:

With artificial intelligence becoming the talk of the town, it has majorly affected the gaming industry too. The gaming experience is made more challenging and competitive for gamers with artificial intelligence. It provides a customized experience for each gamer in order to make the games more difficult and ambition-oriented for them.

7. Blockchain gaming:

A factor of maintaining transparency and a secure way of gaming is provided in this gaming experience. In this type of gaming, gamers are allowed to trade the items used in the games. It creates a new trading economy within the gaming space. Businesses and gamers who use NFTs or cryptocurrencies have an opportunity to deal with the in-game assets which can be later converted into authentic currency.

8. What is the next big thing in the gaming industry?

In the video game space, visuals are the main attraction for gamers or people in general. Since the last decade, virtual reality or augmented reality and artificial intelligence is the boom in almost every industry, it is going to create a lot more buzz in this industry too.

Latest 9 Big Trends in Video Game Development | Future Education Magazine

Individuals or gamers are very excited about the new games that will come in the future, as they are attracted to the problem-solving skill attached to the game, the thrill of competition, and the excitement or the adrenaline rush they get when playing games.

9. Gaming as a career:

A profession like testing games is the best career option for some people. As they are so into it, they can be hired as game testers and can suggest changes by observing how the game will do in the market. There are competitive exams like the All India Entrance Exam for Design (AIEED), Common Entrance Exam for Design (CEED), and Design Aptitude Test (DAT) which you can take up after 12th standard to get enrolled in a bachelor’s degree course.

You will be taught the technical skills and the necessary knowledge you require to be a game tester during your tenure in the bachelor’s degree program. The salaries range from Rs.2.0 lakhs per year to a jaw-dropping amount like 1.5L per month.


The gaming industry is continuously evolving and undergoing humongous changes. There’s a new trend in the video game space in just a blink of an eye. Especially with the three elements namely, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence kicking in, this industry will hype up like anything. Technology is hands-down the sole reason for the boom in this industry.

It will be really a thrilling experience to see where the gaming industry is headed in the upcoming 8 to 10 years. Little did we know about the enhanced visual experience gamers will get via virtual reality. The amalgamation of these technologies and Artificial Intelligence is making people go gaga already. We cannot even predict what will happen next, can we?

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