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One of the most successful methods of teaching and learning is through online education. Students have the luxury of attending these at the luxury of their place and time, which also enables a more focused environment between the two of them. Teachers are not only more effective at imparting knowledge to students, but also in a more engaging method.

Due to the popularity of online education and the resulting demand, people are more open to taking courses, attending workshops, and participating in other learning opportunities that will not only advance their knowledge and advance their careers but also teach them something they have always wanted to know but did not have the time to do so.

Courses, workshops, and other events are crucial, but the most intriguing course—languages—has always drawn the greatest attention. However, the same difficulties that prevented many people from attending every other physical class also prevented many from enrolling in languages. Now that these courses are accessible to you online, you should bring out your inner polyglot and enrol in these language classes through one of the top online platforms.

When it comes to finding a site to study languages, mYngle is among the best. They are not only professionals at offering these courses online, but it is their delivery and the way in which they carry out these courses that have made them a highly regarded business in this field and cemented their position as an industry leader.

If one is unsure of what language they teach in, they can impart these languages in 45 different languages, making them not only unique but also offering their excellence and unmatched services in the market and among the customers. They have a team of expert coaches who provide one-on-one lessons.

During a conversation with Marina Tognetti, the CEO of mYngle. Let’s learn more about mYngle, the products offered by the business, and the CEO’s career path.

Please tell us about mYngle and the initial difficulties it had after being formed.

In 45 distinct languages, mYngle provides specialised language training courses via video conferencing anytime, anywhere. Our one-on-one instruction is provided by native coaches who are highly qualified and is relevant to the learner’s employment position. Students can take classes around-the-clock using our virtual classrooms. mYngle is the answer for time-crunched professionals who require language training to succeed in their worldwide business as well as for organisations looking for exceptional learning results and a clear, manageable learning approach to get the most out of their investment.

Building a business from scratch is always challenging, building a tech start-up disrupting an industry as traditional as that of education is exponentially more challenging (especially more than 10 years ago, when we started).

We were among the first to offer one-on-one instruction in all languages over the internet when we first got going. This required us to overcome a variety of obstacles, including those posed by a market that was still developing and, in particular, consumer misconceptions about education. Now, quality and flexibility in online language instruction are setting new benchmarks. And we have contributed to that.

What makes mYngle’s services stand out from the competition in the market? Describe the services you offer.

One of our primary assets at mYngle is the obsession we have with customer happiness. We strive to make our service better every day. In order to do this, we constantly pay attention to consumer feedback and adjust our services accordingly. We also take advantage of new technology.

This is also evident in how we evaluate ourselves internally and how we view our work. Using modified versions of NPS (Net Promoter Score), which states that only excellence counts, we constantly evaluate our users’ responses and attempt to alter as necessary. Our lessons typically receive a 4.9/5.0 rating. And ten years later, our first corporate client is still with us. Results are self-evident.

We are at a fork in the road, and as mYngle was one of the pioneers in live online (language) training, we can take advantage of our years of expertise and ability to successfully conduct online training.

Real value must be added via innovation, and the client should be at the centre of everything. Being agile is critical to achieving innovation. Many things have changed over the previous few years, including technology, consumer needs, the economy, and now COVID. By working hard to create sound concepts, work procedures, and a team with the ability and willingness to modify and adapt in accordance with our always changing environment, we have been able to solidify our place as one of the leaders in our industry.

Tell us about your career path, including any high points you would like to mention.

Though I am a computer entrepreneur and the creator of, my passion for business developed later in my professional life. It was not particularly common for academics to be entrepreneurs when I had my university degree. As a result, I first established a lucrative career with major international corporations including Procter & Gamble, Philips, Sara Lee, The Boston Consulting Group, and eBay. I also obtained an MBA from INSEAD while living and working abroad.

I first realised the internet has the power to upend entire industries and alter how we buy, sell, and interact when I was working as a consultant on a project about internet strategy. I had to participate in that! That was the impetus behind me founding an innovative firm called mYngle because I thought I could make a meaningful impact by putting all I had learnt up to that point in my career into practise.

For its contributions to online education, mYngle has received multiple honours, including the Accenture Innovation Award, European Ventures Summit Award, Benelux Venture Summit Award, and more in the future. As the creator and CEO of mYngle, I also won various accolades, including 50 Most Inspiring Women in the European Technology Sector, 50 Most Inspiring Women in the Dutch Technology Sector, Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All, and many more.

But customer-generated accolades are almost always the best. Our consumers are incredibly happy. Our lessons typically receive a 4.9/5.0 rating. And ten years later, our first corporate client is still with us. Results are self-evident.

How are the mYngle team and work environment?

In mYngle, we encourage experimentation and the acceptance of failure. A culture of fear of repercussions cannot support innovation. We work to create individuals who do more than just perform “jobs.” We look for entrepreneurs among our staff members—individuals who challenge the status quo and go beyond their comfort zones. If you try 10 new things, some of them will fail, some of them will work out, and one of them will really stick. We’re searching for “the special one.”

The importance of employees’ well-being has increased as a result of COVID’s lockdowns, and motivating and helping them through this difficult time is nearly more crucial than production. To maintain a sense of belonging and to let our employees know that we are all in this with, it’s about support, empowerment, and empathy. This calls for constant communication between team members and from the managers to keep everyone informed of events and promote a more virtualized culture.

What is your opinion on the market’s competition and how it influences either you or MYngle? 

The market for (language) training was already shifting from offline to online even before COVID, with the change increasing in recent years. The trend was accelerated by the isolationist, socially isolating, and remote working era, and online education is now frequently the only option for learning.  

Many established offline players have scrambled to find a quick-fix, transferring their existing solutions online, in reaction to this rise in demand for online training. However, effective remote training necessitates a completely new set of skills and talents that are distinct from those needed for traditional classroom instruction. It goes beyond simply implementing a technology solution for the virtual classroom and transferring an instructor to a computer. To ensure a positive user experience, changes must be made to the teaching methods, material, interaction, etc. during the training sessions.

I firmly believe that aligning with client needs rather than continually comparing to the competitors is the key to success. One of our pillars and greatest assets is our unwavering attention on our customers and their demands. This is especially crucial if your market, like online education, is in transition or evolution and the main obstacle is not rivalry but rather the naivete or lack of experience of the consumer.

For the most part, education still operates in the same old-fashioned manner, giving students what is readily available rather than what they need. Nevertheless, “One size does not fit all.” We can meet each unique demand by comprehending the needs of the consumer and diversifying our offer in terms of frequency, teacher, and material.

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