PA Secretary of Education Dr. Khalid Mumin Spotlights Educational Innovation at Robb Elementary and CTC

PA Education Secretary Dr. Khalid Mumin Highlights Innovation at Robb Elementary | Future Education Magazine


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Pennsylvania Secretary of Education Dr. Khalid Mumin embarked on a pivotal visit to Robb Elementary and Central Mountain Career and Technical Center (CTC), gaining insights into the innovative educational practices shaping the Keystone Central School District. His visit, aimed at understanding the diverse needs of Pennsylvania’s students and educators, underscored the critical role of state investments in driving educational excellence across all regions.

Dr. Khalid Mumin, renowned for his extensive experience in various educational roles, including teacher, dean of students, principal, and administrator, emphasized the importance of witnessing firsthand the impact of educational investments made at the state level. His tour of Robb Elementary and CTC showcased a vibrant educational ecosystem where students thrive and innovative teaching methods foster holistic learning experiences.

Acknowledging the warm welcome received from Robb Elementary students, who greeted him with high fives along the school corridors, Dr. Khalid Mumin highlighted the significance of such visits in bridging the gap between policymaking in Harrisburg and the realities faced by schools statewide. “This visit is so important because when you’re dealing in Harrisburg, and you work on investments in education, you can get caught up in, it’s Philly, and it’s Pittsburgh,” remarked Dr. Mumin.

Addressing Educational Inequity and Fostering Holistic Student Succes

Keystone Central School District, like many others across the state, grapples with equity gaps exacerbated by economic challenges, as highlighted by the Future Ready PA Index’s data showing 55% of enrolled students facing economic disadvantages. The district’s reliance on Title 1 funding underscores the critical need for targeted financial assistance to enhance educational opportunities and support student success.

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Randy Zangara emphasized the importance of such visits in spotlighting the vital role of educational funding, particularly in rural areas often overlooked by centralized policymaking. Dr. Khalid Mumin’s engagement with educators and administrators at Robb Elementary and CTC aimed to showcase the innovative programs and dedicated support systems in place to address students’ diverse needs comprehensively.

Robb Elementary’s commitment to holistic student development was evident through initiatives like the multi-tiered system of support, targeted interventions, and community-based behavioral health teams. These efforts have yielded tangible outcomes, including reduced disciplinary referrals and improved attendance rates, reflecting a holistic approach to education encompassing academic, social-emotional, and mental health facets.

Dr. Khalid Mumin Inspires STEM and Inclusive Education at Robb Elementary

Dr. Mumin’s interaction with students engaged in STEM activities underscored the importance of equipping learners with future-ready skills essential for tomorrow’s workforce. His commendation of the positive learning environment and inclusive culture at Robb Elementary affirmed the district’s commitment to fostering a supportive educational community where every student feels seen, heard, and valued.

As Teacher Appreciation Week coincided with the visit, Dr. Khalid Mumin extended gratitude to Robb Elementary staff for their dedication to educational excellence, symbolized by a signed banner from the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The visit encapsulated a shared commitment to leveraging innovative practices, state support, and community collaboration to ensure every Pennsylvania student receives a quality education that prepares them for success in an evolving world.

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