Pickerington Teachers Express Overwhelming No Confidence in School Board

Pickerington Teachers Express Overwhelming No Confidence in School Board | Future Education Magazine


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In a resounding statement of disapproval, teachers at Pickerington Local School District have voted nearly unanimously in favor of a motion of no confidence against its Board of Education. This decision, made on March 20, was publicly announced through a press release on Monday afternoon, sparking concerns about the direction of the district’s leadership.

Brad Harris, the president of the Pickerington Education Association (PEA), conveyed the sentiment of the teachers to the board during a meeting on Monday night. According to Harris, the board’s actions have been detrimental to the students and the broader community.

“We’ve tried to be patient, we’ve tried to have conversations,” expressed Harris, emphasizing the association’s efforts to address their concerns internally before taking this significant step.

The association’s vote reflects the widespread dissatisfaction among its more than 700 members, with almost all participants signaling their lack of confidence in the board’s leadership.

Supportive Leadership: Key to School System Strength

Harris highlighted critical issues plaguing the district, including large class sizes and behavioral challenges exacerbated by the pandemic. He stressed that hiring more staff could alleviate these problems and enhance the learning environment for students.

“If the teachers do not feel supported and the teachers don’t feel like the district is going in the right direction, I think that that’s a very big problem to have a strong school system,” remarked Harris, underlining the importance of supportive and effective leadership for a thriving educational institution.

While the board refrained from directly addressing these concerns, Mark Hensen, a relatively new board member, expressed his apprehensions regarding the board’s performance.

“Right now, I have a lot of concerns about the board. That’s why I ran for election in the first place because I thought there were significant changes needed,” said Hensen, indicating a readiness for necessary reforms within the board’s operations.

Board Initiates Censure Motion Against Hensen

During the meeting, the board also brought forward a resolution of censure against Hensen, accusing him of breaching the board’s code of ethics by directly engaging with school staff.

“I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one that communicates with people in the district,” retorted Hensen, defending his actions while also expressing a willingness to reflect on the board’s concerns and make adjustments as necessary.

Hensen emphasized that the priority should be on improving the school district and enhancing the quality of education for the students, rather than individual conflicts or grievances.

For Harris and the Pickerington Education Association, the vote of no confidence serves as a wake-up call to the board, urging them to prioritize the needs of the school community and take decisive actions to address the challenges faced by teachers and students alike.

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