Uganda: Upper Primary Schools Will Teach Road Safety

Uganda Upper Primary Schools Will Teach Road Safety | Future Education Magazine


Uganda upper primary schools will teach road safety, During the relaunch of the heads-up campaign by VIVO Energy Uganda, which aims to address the safety concerns of children who commute to and from school on boda-bodas without wearing recommended safety helmets, the development was disclosed by the commissioner of transport regulation and safety in the Ministry of Works and Transport, Winston Katushabe.

“It’s high time we educated our kids about driving safety. As a ministry, we have created a curriculum on road safety for lower primary students, but we still struggle to find staff who are knowledgeable in this field. This is something we want to roll even for upper primary. According to Katushabe, “We write to the Ministry of Education and engage them on how this can be implemented and have people understand road safety from basic school up to possibly university.

Road safety education will be taught in primary schools, the state’s minister for basic education, Dr. Moricu Kaducu, announced in a statement.

“In 2011, we implemented a road safety programme in the lower primary division, but it hasn’t produced the desired results, and we need to take further action. Moving forward, we will work with the Ministry of Transportation to determine the best way to create an upper primary curriculum with regard to the subjects that will be covered and taught. It is challenging to roll it out without agreement on what to teach, according to Kaducu.

“Most importantly, we want to make sure that we seize every opportunity presented by new educational materials. We’re debating, for instance, whether all text books should have a statement on road safety on the front cover. Our kids will benefit if we include the same road safety advice in the textbooks. We are talking about the several ways to teach youngsters in upper primary schools about road safety.

New initiative

The head up campaign, according to Johan Grobbelaar, managing director of Vivo Energy Uganda, aims to increase awareness of the value of utilizing child-specific helmets to protect young passengers. In response, he stated that Vivo Energy Uganda would give more than 1000 helmets to at least 50 schools across the nation.

We work to make the world a safer place and to safeguard the welfare of children riding in boda-bodas by encouraging safe driving practices and pushing for the use of child-specific helmets. We must prioritize teaching students about traffic safety and awareness. We must consider how to teach our kids about driving safety, Grobbelaar stated.

Road Safety Rules And Signs For Kids

“Children should be required to wear helmets before getting on motorcycles as a golden rule. Their lives are being protected by doing this. Every boda boda rider needs to be made aware of the importance of road safety because every youngster deserves a safe ride. We should all keep in mind that what we do can help to save the young passengers’ lives.

Dr. Moricu Kaducu, the state’s minister of primary education, said it’s crucial to keep kids safe while they ride motorcycles to and from school.

“Many people have ignored this concern about children’s safety on the road. The majority of those who violate traffic laws by speeding, not wearing helmets, and wearing reflective clothing are motorcyclists. Many riders are unlicensed and lack even the most basic instruction in road safety. All of these result in mishaps, which involve innocent students and souls.

The minister stated that the majority of accidents involving boda boda had resulted in numerous fatalities for the nation. According to Ministry of Health statistics, hospital overcrowding is primarily caused by traffic accidents. According to Rogers Nsereko, the commander of the Kampala Metropolitan traffic police, wearing a helmet when driving is essential.

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