Ryan Group of Institutions- Educating the Nation to Empower It


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Ryan Group: Mission and Vision

In order to advance high standards of education across India, Dr. A. F. Pinto, a famous educationist, formed the Ryan Group of Institutions in 1976.  The Group, which has locations in 18 states and 40 towns around the country, is well known for its remarkable commitment to education.

“Excellence in Education and All Round Development” is the motto of the Ryan group. Its main goal is to deliver a comprehensive education that combines academics and extracurricular pursuits while providing opportunity for learning in a variety of environments outside of the classroom. Through its all-encompassing approach to education, the Group is dedicated to creating leaders who are responsible citizens and lifelong learners.

At Ryan Group, the educational process is intended to promote overall development and growth. The group has been using technology-integrated pedagogy for a while now, realising how important it is in contemporary education. Its main goals are to further develop the use of technology and give its students an interactive educational experience.

Initial Hurdles – Long-standing success

The Ryan Group has weathered a number of difficulties throughout the years, all of which have served to keep the company firmly planted in its core beliefs and principles. The group has seen these difficulties as chances for growth and learning. In spite of numerous challenges, it has been effective in delivering high-quality education, even in towns across India, with encouraging outcomes. The group’s efforts have been made more in line with its objective of giving students throughout the nation a holistic education thanks to these difficulties.

The Ryan Group is a school that is committed to fostering young lives by offering a variety of learning options outside of the four walls of the classroom and textbooks. The group has made it a mission to constantly reinvent itself in order to stay relevant since it holds the view that education requires lifelong learning. One of the group’s primary methods for attaining this objective has been to cultivate outstanding teachers who can use technology to create ecosystems throughout their classrooms. It seeks to facilitate each Ryanite’s overall growth through these initiatives.

The Ryan Group has always been in the front of activities that provide doors for all-around development. This distinctive strategy has helped it remain relevant throughout time and provided the opportunity for other institutions to imitate it by adding related activities to the curriculum. As a result of its work, the Group has received overwhelmingly positive feedback and support from parents who value its dedication to meeting the needs of the country. The organisation keeps working to achieve its objective of offering top-notch education that would help develop tomorrow’s leaders.

Providing Out of the Box Education

In order to help students develop 21st Century Skills including critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, entrepreneurship, and leadership, The Ryan Group uses a hands-on learning method. The group thinks that students will transition into higher education more easily and be able to follow their interests and develop their talents if they have practical knowledge and practise in these skills.

The Ryan Group is known for providing high-end goods and services. The International Theatre Festival and Indian Model United Nations (INMUN) were first hosted there in the nation. Additionally, they held the coveted World Scholar’s Cup there with a record-breaking turnout. With organisations situated in the US, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, Germany, and the UK, the network also organises worldwide cultural exchange programmes. To provide students with access to higher education, the organisation has worked with PennHub and the College Board.  For the benefit of its pupils’ entire growth, it also provides sports coaching and media studies with on-site studios.

Customary Methods

In order to accommodate the varied needs of its students, Ryan Group understands how important it is to stay current with the most effective teaching and learning techniques. The organisation makes sure that its teaching team is regularly updated and given access to the newest educational resources.  Ryan Group credits its success to the use of technology, teacher preparation programmes, and holistic pedagogy, all of which have allowed them to stay on the cutting edge of educational trends. It recognises the assistance of its constituents—students, teachers, the parent community, and well-wishers—who continue to make education a worthwhile and pleasurable endeavour.

Making Use of Technology

To give its pupils a comprehensive educational experience, Ryan Group has always placed a strong emphasis on incorporating technology into the classroom.  The Group is dedicated to closing the gap using technological advancements, utilising its resources, and providing new teaching strategies to ensure that kids are having a rich educational experience. In order to stay current with the times and give its students the finest learning opportunities available, it recognises the value of incorporating technology into its services.

The Way Forward 

Ryan Group is dedicated to delivering education of the highest calibre, and it emphasises innovation and the effective use of technological resources to give students an engaging learning environment. The business has put into place beneficial procedures that are in line with the New National Education Policy of India and intends to expand upon them.

In order to enable a seamless transition for their students into higher education, Ryan Group has worked with numerous organisations as part of its commitment to ensuring that high-quality education is available to everyone. The group supports giving children the chance to explore their interests and develop their talents through vocational possibilities and education that is skill-based. The goal of Ryan Group is to give its pupils a thorough educational experience that will better prepare them for the future.

Dr. Snehal Pinto- Leading the Way

The Ryan International Group of Institutions, the most prestigious group of K–12 schools in India, is directed by Dr. Snehal Pinto. She fervently believes that teachers play a critical role in developing the nation’s most important resource—its human capital. She has therefore placed a lot of emphasis on leadership, evaluations, and professional growth.

Dr Snehal Pinto has played a key role in maximising the capabilities of each of these boards in order to raise student achievement at Ryan Group. She has a wealth of expertise working with numerous state and federal boards, including the International Baccalaureate (IB), the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), and the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE/ISC).

According to numerous school polls conducted over a number of years by organisations like Times School, Brainfeed, and Education World, the schools run by Ryan Group have continuously been named among the best foreign schools in India under her leadership. By utilising several approaches, such as those of the IB (International Baccalaureate) and NABET (National Accreditation Board for Education and Training), Dr. Snehal Pinto has brought a strong process focus to maximise the schools’ efficiency.

The Ryan Group has been driving capacity-building and scaling innovations countrywide with a variety of high-impact student-centric programmes thanks to Dr. Snehal Pinto’s strong focus on fostering 21st-century capabilities. Additionally, she has held the positions of executive general body member and president of the Association of Schools for the Indian School Certificate (ASISC) and the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE). She has also served on the South Asia International Baccalaureate Schools Association’s (SAIBSA) advisory committee.

Dr. Snehal Pinto expresses gratitude to God for providing a fantastic team for the Ryan Group. She also emphasises the importance of the team’s continued cooperation in achieving achievement.

Dr. Pinto has received the following recent awards and recognitions:

  • Global Innovator Leader Award at the Young Innovators Expo, WYIEXPO, organized by HSNC, University of Mumbai on 22nd January 2023.
  • Prof. Indira Parikh 50 Women in Education Leaders Award 2022 by the World Education Congress.
  • Most Admired Global Indians 2021 title by Passion Vista.
  • ATL Teachers of Change Award in Maharashtra State for her exemplary leadership in galvanizing innovation in education.

Guiding Words

According to Dr. Snehal Pinto, women were once thought of as being reserved, but emerging and developing countries have demonstrated the economic potential and corporate stature that women possess. She passionately thinks that through her contributions as an employee or an entrepreneur, every woman has the potential to have a beneficial influence not just on her family but also on society as a whole.

She exhorts every woman to embrace her uniqueness with joy and confidence because education has given women a new lease on life. Every woman, according to Dr. Snehal Pinto, has tremendous potential and was created to succeed. She exhorts them to set lofty goals for themselves in life.

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