Schools In New York, New Jersey, And DC Cancel Outdoor Activities Due To Wildfire Smoke

Schools In New York, New Jersey, And DC Cancel Outdoor Activities Due To Wildfire Smoke | Future Education Magazine


People in the eastern United States are still being affected by Canadian wildfire smoke, and some school districts have cancelled extracurricular activities.

In excess of 200 wildfires in Canada have contributed to smoke in the air over numerous states and provinces in the United States, including the Midwest and Northeast.

In some areas of New York, Ohio, Michigan, Vermont, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Connecticut, Indiana, and North Carolina, the air was deemed “unhealthy” on Wednesday, according to the federal AirNow fire and smoke map, and it was advised to limit outdoor exposure.

Here is how several local governments in the eastern United States have handled the haze, including those that have cancelled events because of the air quality.

New York City

All outdoor events for Wednesday have been cancelled by New York City Public Schools while the schools are open. Even without any outdoor activities, the district’s after-school programmes are still in operation.

In a statement released on Wednesday, New York Governor Kathy Hochul advised districts to halt outdoor activities and noted that some districts had already taken this action.

“I support their decision, and the decisions of other districts, to suspend outdoor school activities and strongly urge those who have not yet done so to follow suit,” she said.


Students and staff in the Philadelphia School District “should remain indoors and limit time outside,” according to a statement from spokesman Monique Braxton.

Field trips and field days should be postponed, according to Braxton, and schools who are already on a field trip should relocate indoors. The message continued, “Playtime and all outdoor activities should be moved indoors if possible or cancelled.”

Washington, D.C.

In a tweet posted on Wednesday, the District of Columbia Public Schools announced the cancellation of outdoor playtime, physical education lessons, neighbourhood athletic practises, competitions and any outside school events or field trips.

Air Quality Alert: Wildfire smoke from Canada invades New York, Tri-State area again

Hastings-on-Hudson, New York

Playtime and physical education lessons were moved indoors by the Hastings-on-Hudson school district, buses were used to carry students to and from a middle school programme, windows were kept closed when the temperature was not too high, and air conditioners and air purifiers were used as much as possible.

Sussex, New Jersey

Students in the Branchville, Frankford, Lafayette, Montague, Sussex, and Wantage districts of the High Point Regional School District were let out early, and the high school’s pep rally and powderpuff football game were postponed.

And many other schools have halted outdoor activities due to the rising smoke.

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