200K Is Budgeted For The Chambers’ Technical College Project In Liberia

200K Is Budgeted For The Chambers' Technical College Project In Liberia | Future Education Magazine


According to Speaker Bhofal Chambers, the 2023–2024 federal budget includes $200,000 for the establishment of a cutting-edge technical college in Maryland County’s Pleebo Sodoken District.

On Saturday, July 8, 2023, Mr. Chambers claimed on local radio that the initiative to build a technical college was a team effort by his coworkers.

Since 2005, Mr. Chambers has served as a representative for Maryland County Electoral District #2. He is running for reelection to the House of Representatives for a fourth six-year term. He clarified that the budget’s allotment is a prediction that needs to be understood and communicated to others by persons with financial competence rather than actual cash.

He continued by saying that he did not intend to use the USD200,000 from the national budget for personal advantage, but rather so that the entire area could benefit from a technical college. He insisted that Pleebo District residents have long expressed a strong desire for a technical college and that they will support it. Speaker Chambers continued, “I fought hard to get a vocational school built in the district during my first year as a representative for Pleebo District.”

Despite serving as the Maryland Legislative Caucus’ chair during the administration of former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Chambers claimed the strategy wasn’t successful. He said that the debate over a technical college hadn’t just begun today, but ever since he became the Maryland County Representative.

Chambers stated that they have planned to have two or more vocational schools in the Pleebo Sodoken District due to the building of Tubman University in Harper. Speaker Chambers has since warned his tribe that unanimity among the locals is necessary for the district to be established. He emphasised that if the area is able to have more than three vocational schools, it should be supported by all Pleebo area residents rather than being criticised.

He claimed that during previous President Sirleaf’s 12-year administration, the plan to construct a vocational school in Pleebo Sodoken District wasn’t just a pipe dream. But according to Chambers, following President George Manneh Weah’s recent visit to the county, locals were made aware of the upcoming construction of a vocational school in Pleebo. Because his goal is to assist others in achieving their objectives rather than pursue personal fame, he urged citizens to embrace the gesture and refrain from offering damaging criticism.

“Let me clarify that our goal in pushing for the construction of a vocational school was not to win individual plaudits; rather, we thought it was a team effort. But we must assist those in our community who cannot afford to attend college or a university, he added. Former Maryland County senator H. Dan Morais praised Speaker Chambers for the initiative and emphasised that it was in keeping with several pledges made to the county’s residents.

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