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10 Best Universities in the US | Future Education Magazine


We’ve got you covered if you want to know which schools in America are considered to be the best. Every year, QS Top Universities revises its World University Rankings. The United States is still a world leader in higher education, notwithstanding some shifts in the worldwide rankings of the following American colleges. The United States is home to more than a third of the world’s top 100 universities in the US, including five of the world’s top ten. However, which ones are the very best?

Here are the top 10 Universities in the US;

10. University of Pennsylvania

Global Rank University: 16

Penn made it into the top 10 this year, and its low student-to-faculty ratio and stellar reputation are likely big reasons why. The University of Pennsylvania, located in Philadelphia, is unique among Ivy League schools in its commitment to diversity. Fifty-one percent of students identify as members of a visible minority, which is a positive statistic, and more than half of all students (55%) are women.

9. New York University (NYU)

Global Rank University: 35

10 Best Universities in the US | Future Education Magazine

In 2021, New York University will be ranked among the top institutions in the United States. New York University (NYU) in thriving Manhattan received near-perfect scores in four categories used to determine university rankings (academic reputation, employer reputation, student-to-faculty ratio, and foreign-student ratio). The percentage of overseas students at this institution is quite high; it is estimated at 27.6 percent.

8. Princeton University

Global Rank University: 12

Princeton University, established in 1746 and this university is present in the list of universities in the US, is a preeminent American institution in and abroad. According to the citations per professor rating, the university’s research output is among the top in the world. There are almost 8,000 students at Princeton, and an amazing 23.4% are from outside the United States.

7. Columbia University

Global Rank University: 19

New York’s Ivy League institution, Columbia University, receives a perfect score of 100 from QS for its student-to-faculty ratio. This might be related to the fact that Columbia is renowned for being a very selective institution. The Class of 2021 faces the most competitive admissions process in Columbia’s history, with an acceptance rate of only 5.8%.

6. Yale University

Global Rank University: 17

10 Best Universities in the US | Future Education Magazine

Yale University is reliably the top 10 universities in the US. When compared to other top colleges, Yale has a relatively small number of students enrolled per faculty member, a stellar academic reputation, and a stellar reputation among employers. Yale is one of the best-performing American colleges on the list, placing thirteenth in the world for graduate employability reputation.

5. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Global Rank University: 36

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), an offshoot of the parent institution located in sunny Southern California, has climbed one position on this year’s ranking. The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) received a perfect score of 100 for its academic reputation and a nearly perfect score of 99.9 for its employer reputation. Despite excellent ratings in each of these categories, UCLA’s international-student ratio score of 26.7 indicates that the school should do more to welcome and support foreign students.

4. University of California Berkeley (UCB)

Global Rank University: 30

California’s Berkeley campus continues to maintain its fourth-place finish from last year. UCB’s consistency may be seen in the fact that the institution received a perfect score of 100 for both employer reputation and academic reputation and a nearly perfect score for citations per professor. Additionally, there is a large percentage of foreign professors at this institution.

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Global Rank University: 1

10 Best Universities in the US | Future Education Magazine

Although it has fallen a few notches on the list of top American colleges, MIT is still considered the greatest in the world. In fact, for the last nine years in a row, MIT has taken first place in the global rankings of the top universities in the US. Academic reputation, employer reputation, faculty-to-student ratio, and foreign faculty were all areas where MIT was rated as excellent. In addition, its ratio of foreign students to domestic ones and its number of citations in academic works both came near to a perfect score of 100.

2. Stanford University

Global Rank University: 2

In terms of academic prestige, faculty-to-student ratio, and employer prestige, Stanford scores a perfect 100. These immaculate marks are a major reason why it is considered the world’s number two university. Stanford now has a score of 63.6, which indicates that it might increase its proportion of foreign students.

Regardless of this handicap, Stanford remains a very competitive university. Stanford University, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, has produced some of the world’s most successful business executives and entrepreneurs, earning it the nickname “billionaire factory.”

1. Harvard University

Global Rank University: 3

In the United States, the oldest university is Harvard, which was established in 1636. Approximately 20% of the student population are foreign students from other countries. Several institutions, including Boston’s Harvard Medical School, call Cambridge, Massachusetts home. Eleven schools within the university provide degrees; among the most prestigious include the Graduate School of Education, the Law School, the John F. Kennedy School of Government, and the School of Business. Harvard University is the 3rd Global Rank University and is mentioned among the top universities in the US.


There is no final list of the topmost universities in the US however, we have collected a few of them in the above article. They grant a number of undergraduate and postgraduate majors plus master’s and doctoral programs. All of them are committed to producing groundbreaking research and innovation. You must save our article ‘Top 10 Universities in the US’ for your future reference and get rid of every kind of confusion associated with it.

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