University of Utah’s Games Division: Shaping Future Gaming Leaders with Innovative Education and Global Recognition

University of Utah's Games Division: Shaping Future Gaming Leaders | Future Education Magazine


Source- Utah Games – The University of Utah

In a nondescript brick building at the University of Utah, students in the university’s games programs are diligently working on completing video games set to launch at a public event on April 24. Led by Michael Young, chairman of the university’s top-ranked Games Division, these interdisciplinary teams of students are immersed in every aspect of game development, from initial pitches to launch.

Young compares the event to opening night of a theatrical production, where students witness firsthand the impact of their creative endeavors as players engage with their games. This hands-on approach to learning has propelled the University of Utah’s Games Division to the forefront of game development education.

University of Utah Games Division Leads Global Rankings: Growth and Success

Recently ranked No. 1 for undergraduate programs and No. 2 for graduate programs among public universities worldwide by Princeton Review, the University of Utah’s Games Division celebrates its exponential growth and recognition. Despite its relatively recent establishment on campus, the division has seen remarkable enrollment growth, with its undergraduate major becoming the 10th largest on campus by 2021.

Among the graduate students is Benjamin Fellows, who chose the University of Utah for its renowned games programs. Fellows, who will graduate this spring, leads a team developing a puzzle adventure game called Cardboard Chronicles. Reflecting on the journey from concept to launch, Fellows describes it as exhilarating and surreal.

One of the program’s attractive features is that students largely retain ownership of the games they create. With 149 published games by students, many available on platforms like Steam, the program emphasizes practical skills and interdisciplinary collaboration.

University of Utah’s Games Division: Shaping Future Gaming Leaders

The academic programs integrate various disciplines, including art, humanities, social science, and computational research, catering to both entertainment and pragmatic applications of gaming. As the global gaming industry surpasses the music and movie industries combined in revenue, the future looks promising for graduates of the University of Utah’s Games Division.

Young attributes the division’s success to its dedicated faculty, talented students, and supportive staff, fostering a community of excellence that prepares graduates to make significant contributions to the gaming industry.

With recognition from Princeton Review, the University of Utah continues to lead the way in games development education, equipping students with the skills and knowledge to shape the future of gaming and beyond.

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