7 Ways to Accelerate Digital Learning

7 Best Ways to Accelerate Digital Learning | Future Education Magazine


Everything is digital these days. Digital banking, insurance, and train or hotel bookings have become digital. Thanks to the ever-evolving technology. Digital learning has become increasingly popular as it’s effective to gain knowledge and for skill development too. The digital learning landscape allows us easy sharing of files, giving access to and viewing of different files across various online platforms.

The process of traditional learning has shifted to digital learning. It has completely changed learning and provides value to the students who have adapted to the same. Students are the future of our country, and the majority population is the youth. So, the digital learning landscape is of course a boon for future growth.

Listing Down 7 Ways To Accelerate Digital Learning:

1. Embrace social learning networks:

The most important benefit of social learning networks is that one can collaborate on some projects, and share ideas or insights. We also get a chance to come in touch with like-minded people and increase knowledge via various aspects. Digital platforms like online forums and social media communities allow students to get valuable support and get a sense of belonging in the digital learning world. As people are connected from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and regions it is a good opportunity to work with each other.   

2. Look for interactive learning platforms:

7 Best Ways to Accelerate Digital Learning | Future Education Magazine

In the digital learning space, individuals get a diverse and dynamic environment to learn and explore. Various combined media sources such as videos, conversational quizzes, and other simulation facilities are provided in order to help adapt multiple learning elements and components. As it is a visual treat to experience all these types of learning, it becomes easy to grasp and remember. The learned concepts get retained in the minds of individuals making it more engaging and enjoyable.

3. Use Gamification UX:

In the digital learning environment, grasping knowledge becomes interesting. Study becomes play. Using various mechanics and elements to understand the concepts becomes a good user and learning experience for the students. In the gamification technique, there are various stages, challenges, and rewards when it is done successfully, this helps the learning get better and more interesting. Gamification apps, platforms, and courses for the same make the process enjoyable and fun to learn. The fun element is the key to the gamification method of learning.   

4. Dive into Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality:

These are the technologies that have changed the digital space on a major level. The visual learning concept gets so enhanced in this technique that the students get engrossed and immersed in the same. It is a good interactive method to give a boost to learning. The simulations transfer the learners into a different world altogether while providing a near-hands-on experience. Technologies like VR and AR visibly enhance the engagement rate, add value to learning and increase the knowledge of the learners. These are the technologies that the traditional methods cannot match or even come near to the experience of the same.   

5. Opt for personalized learning:

7 Best Ways to Accelerate Digital Learning | Future Education Magazine

The digital learning element also provides tailor-made resources for individual needs. By tracking your behavior online in case of your progress, areas to improve, and your strengths, it suggests other recommendations for you to opt for. Keep monitoring the suggested recommendations and build your knowledge pyramid higher. By considering the recommendations you can save time and effort. This will make a considerable impact on your learning goals and personality overall.

6. Be with the trend:

As the digital space keeps evolving, various other apps and websites come into the picture. The popularly growing e-learning platforms give a boost to the learning experience with a better understanding of concepts. This enhances the overall experience and increases the fun of learning. Children or students get bored easily when studying via traditional methods. More horizons and fields are known as you go deep into the trends that are prevailing in the digital world. So, be aware of the new trends and make sure to utilize them to be a good advantage.

7. Explore new tools:

7 Best Ways to Accelerate Digital Learning | Future Education Magazine

 Always new tools and apps fill the e-learning space in abundance. Be observant about which one to go with and see whether or not it provides you with recommendations. New and improved versions of the apps come up which help you grasp better and learn more. These are the best type of tools and they enhance the experience in a way traditional methods cannot. As mentioned above, make use of VR and AR to understand in a simulated manner the main subject matter.

Benefits of digital learning:

1. Customized learning:

By making use of digital learning, teachers can make the lessons understandable to the students by bringing it down to a level if needed. The freedom given by these tools gives the freedom of learning at one’s own pace. It also puts the students in a discipline to do the activities they are expected to do on a daily basis.

2. Encourages to adapt to digital learning:

As technology and education are coming closer, we must be able to be at that pace too. New technological methods like micro-learning, gamification, and simulation learning like AR and VR help to grasp the concepts in a better and retentive manner. Visuals are difficult to forget, it does exactly that.

4. Socializing with peers:

Online communities like discussion forums build stronger relationships among teachers and students that bridge the gap between them. Especially the youngsters feel safe around their peers and are open to being vulnerable. This ability to show vulnerability is under-rated but, is enhanced with the emergence of digital learning.


Digital learning requires an adaptive approach as it is ever-changing on a continuous level. Getting used to these strategies and technologies will enhance the learning experience and make the learning experience fun. It helps you unlock your potential as a learner and leverages various aspects to learn new concepts. These are basically based on visual learning also known as kinaesthetic learning. People don’t forget what they’ve seen so easily. So, it is very useful to adapt and grasp concepts through this style of learning.   

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