What is Personalized Learning and Why is it Important?

What is Personalized Learning and Why is it Important? | Future Education Magazine


Every single kid is unique, and so is the manner in which they take in information and comprehend it. In the same manner that students should prioritize compatibility when choosing universities to which they will apply, compatibility should also be a primary consideration when determining how to best assist students in achieving their academic objectives throughout the process of college preparation. Personalized learning comes into play at this point in the process.

“Personalized Learning” is defined as “education in which the speed of learning and the instructional strategy are adjusted for the requirements of each student,” according to the United States National Education Technology Plan for 2017. In the last ten years, there has been a resurgence of interest in the idea of ‘Personalized Learning’ as an approach to the development of inclusive educational options for students. IvyWise Tutoring has been concentrating on this particular field ever since the company was first established, despite the fact that this is a more recent idea in many facets of education.

The idea behind personalized learning is to tailor both the course material and the learning goals to the specific requirements of each individual student in order to maximize their potential for academic success. While Personalized Learning has started to be used for academic learning throughout the K-12 spectrum, especially on a large-scale platform by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, it is still in its early stages.

IvyWise Tutoring ensures that all of its students’ particular tutoring needs (academic and test preparation) are satisfied by developing programs that are uniquely tailored to meet the requirements of each student. In order to develop the most effective individualized tutoring plan for each student, we first conduct an in-depth consultation and then administer and analyze diagnostic tests.

These 3 steps are taken in order to obtain the most accurate picture possible of each student’s capabilities and requirements.

1. Implementation of a Personalized Learning Experience

The first step in putting customized learning into action is to get familiar with your student’s educational history, their areas of interest, and their objectives for academic study or test preparation. When designing a unique experience for a student, it is helpful to have some insight into both their current situation and their long-term goals. Why? Our staff is able to identify that there is no “one size fits all” solution for the retention and comprehension of academic information because we differentiate the background and objectives of the current student from those of previous students.

What is Personalized Learning and Why is it Important? | Future Education Magazine

When it comes to examination preparation, the diagnostic test results of a student are an essential component required to comprehend the academic history of the student as well as their present academic level. Before commencing tutoring for a standardized exam, we ask that our students first complete a practice test under settings that are identical to those of the actual test. We are able to collect accurate depictions of how our students would perform under pressure if we encourage them to follow the proctoring instructions that mimic those of the test.

After we have received the diagnostic results, our Tutoring Manager will assess the scores in order to develop a personalized tutoring plan that will be referred to as a Test Evaluation. This plan will evaluate scores, trends, pacing difficulties, and general testing themes. Tutors are able to get a good profile perspective of what the student needs for their exam preparation by reviewing diagnostic scores and the Test Evaluation that is generated from this Test Evaluation.

After doing an analysis, both the tutor and the Tutoring Manager will provide recommendations for test prep or academic resources that are pertinent to the requirements of our students. These materials will then be sent to the student and the student’s tutor so that tutoring can commence.

2. Recognizing & Modifying Content Density Level

The development of content-level strategies that maintain students’ motivation and engagement is an essential part of the process of cultivating an environment conducive to personalized learning. The diagnostic score of a student is used to help determine how a tutor will tailor their strategy and approach to best meet the needs of the student as they begin their academic journey.

What is Personalized Learning and Why is it Important? | Future Education Magazine

It’s possible for a student to start off as a beginner in a particular component of the test, like the “Heart of Algebra” section on the SAT. Due to the fact that this is the case, our instructor will begin with the fundamentals of algebra and will work on acquiring a mastery of problems that are simple, medium, and difficult before beginning to concentrate on the more advanced levels, often known as “hards.”

3. Learning on Your Time & Where You Want!

It is essential for individualized education to have the option of receiving tutoring either at one’s home or while traveling. The majority of our students come to us having already fulfilled a wide variety of academic requirements, as well as time obligations for extracurricular activities. Because of this, it is essential for students to have the freedom to choose the times during which they would want to receive tutoring, as well as access to resources for practice or examination preparation outside of their regularly scheduled sessions.

What is Personalized Learning and Why is it Important? | Future Education Magazine

Students have the convenience of working from the comfort of their own homes during online tutoring sessions, allowing them to schedule their work around their other responsibilities. Outside of the students’ regularly scheduled sessions, whether for homework or enrichment reasons, our tutors provide extra work for them to do. An example of one of these outside resources that are provided to the student may be a sample exam, which is normally given to the student after every ten hours of tutoring so that we can monitor their progress and verify that they are moving in the right direction.

It is essential to keep in mind that test preparation and tutoring are not “one size fits all,” regardless of the strategy you choose to use in order to achieve your academic objectives. Personalized Learning is a powerful method that tries to improve one’s academic performance and performance on standardized tests. At the end of the day, you need to make sure that you are making progress toward your academic objectives by using resources and programs that are compatible with both your schedule and your needs.

Bottom Line

As mentioned above there are numerous benefits of personalized learning and it can lead to a bright academic career. It is a perfect approach to modern education however it is difficult to implement without having the right tools. It supports stronger engagement between students and empowers them to choose their career paths. We believe you enjoyed reading our article and understood the importance of personalized learning.

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