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When you think of digital education, do you picture a roomful of youngsters hunched over their iPads, maybe dissecting cyber-bots? Undeniably, this takes place, but Edtech goes well beyond the tools used to keep students engaged in class from kindergarten through high school and is rapidly gaining ground.

The education technology sector, or Best EdTech Platforms, includes all sorts of tools designed to improve education for both young and old. A few examples include education-focused crowdfunding platforms, reader-adaptive ebooks, and classroom assessment technologies that are easy for teachers.

By boosting the effectiveness of instruction, educational technology (or “EdTech”) aims to boost student achievement in school. It offers the ability to personalize a student’s education by gradually presenting and reinforcing new information as their skill level allows.

EdTech describes the use of emerging technologies in educational settings. Advantages of EdTech include the use of tablets and interactive whiteboards in the classroom, as well as the availability of study materials and MOOCs online.

The goals of educational technology (Best EdTech Platforms) are to raise learning outcomes, expand opportunities for personalized teaching, and reduce the workload of teachers.

Some worry that students and instructors will be tracked and monitored in an impersonal way as a result of the widespread use of technology in the classroom.

Here are the 16 Best EdTech Platforms;

1. Masai School

Masai School is an edtech firm that provides a coding course for newcomers and an advanced course for veterans. Masai school operates on the basis of an income-sharing arrangement, which implies that tuition is waived until the student has employment paying at least 5LPA.

16 Best EdTech Platforms | Future Education Magazine

2. Practically

What they do: Based out of Hyderabad, Practically is an educational technology company that uses immersive mediums including simulations, augmented reality, and 3D films to educate its students. The self-study software Practically adds a playful dimension to the educational process. The target audience for this app is students in sixth through twelfth grades.

3. Panorama Education

In order to accomplish: Best EdTech Platforms Panorama Education is a data analytics organization that focuses on K-12 surveys to gauge aspects like school climate, teacher satisfaction, and student pleasure. Our group designs and manages all survey initiatives (which can be completed securely on a mobile device). It then helps the more than 11,000 schools who utilize its services to analyze and act on the data they’ve collected.

4. DreamBox Learning

The goal of Dreambox Learning’s adaptive K-8 math curriculum is to make math more approachable and enjoyable. The program continually reorders problems and modifies their complexity depending on how well each learner is doing. Long division is made more fun with interactive elements like animated graphics and energizing music that make it seem less like a chore.

5. TutorMe

The purpose of TutorMe Best EdTech Platforms is to connect students who are having trouble outside of the classroom with tutors who can assist them. TutorMe offers help in many different subject areas, including CS/IT, ES, EL, HS, and HS/EL. TutorMe integrates with public institutions like schools and libraries to provide students with access to tutoring around the clock, seven days a week.

6. Udacity

Udacity’s mission is to help people get the jobs they want by providing them with the knowledge and training they need to succeed in their chosen field. Skills in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, product management, data science, cybersecurity, and more are made available to users of the platform.

7. Masterclass

16 Best EdTech Platforms | Future Education Magazine

What it does: Best EdTech Platforms MasterClass is an online platform where users may take classes taught by eminent figures in many fields. Chefs, writers, musicians, athletes, and filmmakers like Stephen Curry, Gordon Ramsey, and Annie Leibovitz are just a few of the Masterclass teachers that may provide wisdom that can only come from experiencing the pinnacle of success in their respective areas.

8. A Cloud Guru

What they do: A Cloud Guru is an edtech firm that offers cloud computing courses to practicing engineers and aspiring technologists. The courses available on A Cloud Guru’s platform range from the very basics of Cloud-centric coding to AWS certifications, and provide students with a more interactive learning environment than is often seen in online classrooms.

9. Byju’s

What it does: Best EdTech Platforms Byju’s is the leading educational technology provider for individualized study plans. Through collaborative activities and 3D lectures, they want to make education more exciting for pupils. To hone your abilities, you may enroll in classes taught by some of India’s most renowned experts and watch them live on Byju’s. In order to better serve students who want to learn from the comfort of their own homes, they rethought their curriculum and developed a user-friendly app. When they first started out, they were aimed towards middle school pupils learning science and math.

10. Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin Education is a leading professional development corporation well recognized for its dedication to improving business performance. Its stated purpose is to facilitate positive personal development via superior education and support. They offer more than a hundred different courses in both classroom and digital modes. They only use the most qualified instructors in the business, and they tailor each course to the demands of the modern job market.

11. Great Minds

What they do: As a knowledge firm, Best EdTech Platforms Great Minds aims to provide its students a comprehensive understanding of the world via in-depth educational programs. From arithmetic to English, Great Minds classes focus on building practical knowledge and essential abilities. The all-encompassing nature of Great Minds allows for deeper relationships to be made between educators and their students that go beyond rote memorization of information.

12. BrainPOP

16 Best EdTech Platforms | Future Education Magazine

What it does: Using a more fun approach, BrainPOP is helping kids become more invested in their education. Learning may be made more engaging via the use of interactive media such as games, films, and activities for students. In addition to developing their interpersonal and analytical abilities, children may pursue a wide range of academic interests, from mathematics to music. BrainPOP’s tools make education far more interesting and thorough.

13. Outschool

What Outschool does is introduce young children to a user-friendly digital environment in the hopes of sparking an early interest in education. The organization offers classes in a broad range of subjects for kids and teens (aged 3-18) to pursue their own passions. In addition, students have the option of participating in more personalized, individualized sessions where they may get the focused attention they need to really grasp the material.

14. Vedantu

Vedantu Best EdTech Platforms is an online tutoring platform where instructors may provide assistance to their students remotely. It’s an e-learning platform that employs personalized lesson plans, real-time question-and-answer sessions, and live tutoring to ensure that students fully grasp complex concepts.

15. Whitehat Education

Among the many available educational technology (EdTech) platforms, Whitehat Education is widely regarded as a top choice among parents and educators throughout the world. They help kids develop the cognitive skills necessary to create digital media like websites and applications. Specialists will teach you how to code.

16. Beetle

The July 2021 debut of the Beetle was a recent development. Established as a hub for high school and college students, their big goal is to collect and organize every resource there is on careers, training, and internships. It solves a problem that plagues every student at some point in their university career. They want to improve adolescent psychological health by establishing a social networking platform for like-minded individuals. Their online hub and community are still in the making. This site has further information on them.

Bottom line

So, this concludes our list for the best EdTech Platforms. Technology is an essential part of almost every industry today and the education industry is no exception. We hope these EdTech Platforms will help you leverage the untapped potential of technology to head towards a lucrative career. To read more insightful content on education, keep reading futureeducationmagazine.com.

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