Failure To Thrive: A Crisis In Public Education

A Crisis In Public Education: Children are Failure To Thrive | Future Education Magazine


Children in America are facing a crisis in public education. And consequently, so is the future of America. Infant mortality is known to be caused by failure to thrive, which happens when a newborn is not held, loved, and snuggled. Numerous evidence show that our kids are not thriving. Anxiety, loneliness, gun violence, suicide, and now academic failure.

The NAEP’s (National Assessment of Educational Progress) most recent test results were dismal. According to the study (, the “largest score declines in NAEP Math at grades 4 and 8 since initial assessments began in 1990” were highlighted. The reading test results were also concerning.

Only 23% of Florida’s eighth graders scored “At or Above Proficient” in math, placing them 33rd overall. They were ranked 22nd for reading, with 29% “At or Above Proficient.” However, keep in mind that Florida pushes back low-performing third graders, which could bias results. Fourth graders performed better.

Politicians are wringing their hands and searching for answers in the wake of this dreadful news. The pandemic, which caused schools to close and learning to move online, bears a large portion of the blame. Some claim that it proves that schools should have remained open, as they did in Florida, but a state-by-state analysis of the results indicates no correlation between open, closed, or hybrid schools and the results. Longer school days and even year-round instruction are some of the suggested time extensions put forth by some leaders.

Politicians still struggle to understand that public education is fundamentally a human endeavour. Students will struggle without an experienced teacher to thoroughly explain complex ideas, push them to keep trying, and offer constructive, guiding criticism. If there is one thing that online public education has taught us, it is that a kind teacher cannot be replaced by technology.

With no reserves in the pipeline, the underlying concern is the enormous flight of talented teachers. Over 5,000 instructors are currently needed in Florida, more than twice as many as there were a few years ago. Permanent replacements now “cover” many courses. Teachers have left the building because they feel disrespected and out of control; they are also being instructed what they can and cannot say, and acclaimed textbooks are being prohibited.

Activate Florida. Elections have repercussions. Children won’t prosper unless we have leaders who see teachers as professionals and instill pride in the teaching profession. The grifters and hucksters, with their for-profit schemes that redirect money to vouchers and corporate charter schools, need to be driven out of the field of public education.

Public education require our assistance and backing. You can vote, but children cannot. Achieve change before it’s too late.

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