There Will Be Campuses For Three Beijing Schools In Xiong’an

There Will Be Campuses For Three Beijing Schools In Xiong'an | Future Education Magazine


In September, admissions will open for three new Beijing schools, including a primary school in Hebei Province’s Xiong’an New Area. According to the Administrative Committee of Xiong’an New Area, the new schools’ construction, which included Xiong’an branches of Beijing No. 4 High School, Beijing Shijia Hutong Primary School, and Beijing Beihai Kindergarten, was finished in April.

According to an agreement the committee signed with the three Beijing schools, the committee announced on Friday that the schools will begin work on education and management, bring cutting-edge education management practices, and support the expansion of Beijing’s top-notch educational resources to Xiong’an.

For the upcoming semester, Beijing Shijia Hutong Primary School in the Dongcheng district will dispatch management teams to the branch in Xiong’an, according to Hong Wei, general principal for institutions run by the Shijia Education Group. Additionally, according to Hong, it would deploy teachers from Beijing to the new area to serve as consultants and ask teachers from Xiong’an to attend training sessions there.

Campuses For Beijing Schools In Xiong’an

“We will involve more primary Beijing schools in Xiong’an in our joint efforts to improve the quality of education through teaching and research,” Hong stated. According to Cai Dongmei, head of Xicheng’s education commission, two additional Beijing schools, both located in the Xicheng district, have organized a management team and teachers’ group to take part in the development of the two branches in Xiong’an, from the layout of the campus environment and the recruitment and training of new teachers to the design of education and teaching plans.

According to the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Beijing has organized a number of other schools to help schools in Xiong’an enhance the quality of instruction in the region.

According to Tian Jinchang, deputy secretary of the CPC Working Committee and deputy director-general of the Administrative Committee of Xiong’an New Area, the action will hasten the transfer of Beijing’s non-capital activities to Xiong’an and advance the high-quality development of the region.

In order to take over Beijing’s non-essential duties as China’s capital, the region was founded in 2017. Businesses, research institutions, and a sizable workforce will relocate to Xiong’an to work and live, and the enhanced public services will assist recruit top talent. A new hospital, the Xiong’an branch of the Capital Medical University-affiliated Beijing-based Xuanwu Hospital, is also almost finished being built.

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