Miguel Cardona, The Secretary Of Education, Never Stops Prodding The Bear

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona Can’t Stop Poking The Bear | Future Education Magazine


One has to question why Miguel Cardona, the secretary of education, is so dedicated to harassing and upsetting parents on Twitter. The director of the Education Department should at least seem to care that the Democratic Party—his party—just watched a 21-point lead on the education issue dissolve before their own eyes. Unfortunately, this kind of behaviour from teachers union officials is to be anticipated.

Miguel Cardona can’t help giving more fuel to the fire rather than considering why that might be.

It was already bad enough that he worked with the National School Boards Association to label parents as potential domestic terrorists for finally attending school board meetings, which educrats had long lamented for their low turnout.

Even worse, as soon as he discovered that federal law required him to include parents who have opposing views to his own as well as the administration he represents, he disbanded his own parent and family engagement group.

He was not required by the law to get rid of the partisan loyalists he had selected, but he was required to broaden his base to include parent organisations that disagreed with him on matters like school closures, mask laws, school choice, and K–12 curricula that separate students based on race and teach young children that their sex was “assigned at birth.” He took his ball and went home to the comfort of groupthink rather than simply allowing a variety of views to represent the cross-section of parents he is supposed to serve.

He then continued to poke the bear with trite phrases that were directly opposed by his actions.

He tweeted on July 23: “Parents, I’m on your side. This is absurd given that Miguel Cardona’s Education Department has engaged in a laundry list of parent-hating activities that is longer than a CVS receipt.

Is he on our side, for instance, when he endorses school rules that were intentionally intended to mislead parents about their own children? Because it seems as anti-parent as one could possibly get for regulations to tell instructors to keep a student’s gender, name, and pronouns a secret from their families.

A week or so later, Miguel Cardona sent out yet another colossal statement, saying, “Every parent has the right to know that their child attends a school where they feel welcome.”

That may sound great, but there are a lot of parents who won’t let their kids feel at home because they won’t submit to Miguel Cardona’s accepted orthodoxy. conservative or even traditionally liberal students? Not wanted. students who practise a sincere religion, whether they are Christians, Muslims, or Jews? Not wanted. Students who feel uncomfortable with gender ideology and hypersexual content as part of a required curriculum? Not wanted. Students who don’t want their teachers to inquire about their pronouns? Not wanted.

Biological men shouldn’t be allowed to play on girls’ interscholastic teams, according to female athletes? Not wanted. Who doesn’t think that people should be required to let staff members and students of the other sex to use the restrooms, locker rooms, and sleeping areas? Not wanted.

The Biden administration, led by Miguel Cardona, has made it abundantly apparent that their brand of “inclusion” excludes anyone who doesn’t share their socialist philosophy. Recent discussions with high school students reveal that there is a culture of “forced celebration.”

“It’s bad enough that I disagree with them; now they think I’m showing hate if I don’t celebrate their causes,” a high school junior complained to me. I don’t mind what individuals do as long as you don’t force me to celebrate activities I disagree with.

In large part because of Miguel Cardona’s willingness to endorse disastrous policies in reaction to COVID, we just seen decades of academic progress vanish before our very eyes. The achievement figures demonstrate how badly he and his staff failed at the task of educating youngsters. Instead than online teasing angry and worried parents, he would be better off returning to the fundamentals of educating America’s youngsters.

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