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No of the conditions, education always finds a way to reach everyone who wants to learn, take a course, or further their job. The world of education never stops and never stops learning. Education not only contributes to a person’s mental health, style of thinking, and personality, but it also helps to advance their job and raise their level of life. Therefore, refusing education means denying oneself a sound and logical mind, not to mention the high-paying jobs, luxurious lifestyle, and other benefits.

Everyone has a fundamental right to education, and the pandemic not only posed a serious threat to that right but also to all those who are eager to learn but are unable to access schools or other learning resources, so halting their educational process. This problem was solved by the online teaching method, which gives learners access to classes all over the world from the comfort of their homes. Basic education, or grades K through 12, was ignored in all this ecstatic innovation and technological intervention, especially for students who need extra support with things like testing, tutoring, etc.

Through their specialised, user-friendly platform, eTutorWorld stepped in to offer these services over the internet with information and tutors who are no less than authorities in their own fields. With a lengthy list of extremely delighted clients, devoted customers, and recognition in the industry as one of the leading providers of online education services, the company has been operating in this field for well over ten years.

When looking for an online tutor or test provider for grades K–12, eTutorWorld and their unmatched services rank among the best. Their methodologies and methods of delivery are constantly evolving to keep up with the most recent trends, and a team of committed and knowledgeable professionals work tirelessly to provide the best online education experience.

During a conversation with Mukul Agrawal, the president and CEO of eTutorWorld. Learn more about the business, its suite of educational services, and the CEO’s career path.

Please inform us about eTutorWorld and the difficulties it initially encountered.

For kids in grades K–12, eTutorWorld provides top-notch one-on-one online tutoring and exam preparation services. Our mission is to assist parents and provide kids with the tools they need to succeed as individuals in a warm and encouraging environment.

Our company was established in 2008 in Bangalore, India, and Glen Arbour, Michigan, after we realised tutoring could be made much more convenient and economical without sacrificing the standard of instruction given to students. Our staff has more than 100 years of combined experience in education and technology. Each tutor at eTutorWorld is thoroughly vetted and has years of expertise. We only choose the very finest!

All of our tutors are experienced, educated, and patient, but they are also mentors who provide your child the support they need to succeed. We’re not simply here to educate them; we’re also here to give them the confidence and independence they need.

Acceptance was one of the first and, in my opinion, the toughest difficulties we encountered. When we first began in 2008, there was no such thing as online education. At the time, the majority of people still had not used the internet, and college campuses were the only places where online learning was reasonably common. So it was difficult to persuade people that their children could learn online.

Tell us about the driving forces behind eTutorWorld’s success.

After we made the strategic decision to invest in Search Engine Optimisation, digital marketing, and online advertising, eTutorWorld experienced amazing development. When we extended our sales crew, we also experienced a significant uptick. The acceptability of online education has fueled our development over the years.

When we first started, we were certain that we would always put an emphasis on building a solid core staff. When you have the appropriate people working for you, success is just a matter of time, I can say that with absolute certainty. We have worked with experts in their fields who enjoy defying conventions from the very beginning. Even the interns and newcomers were subject to this rule, top to bottom. We now have a team that is familiar with our principles and has, in a sense, developed the brand that we are today.

eTutorWorld saw tremendous growth after we took a conscious decision to invest in Search Engine Optimization, digital marketing, and online advertising.

After the core staff, we focused on selecting qualified tutors. A market is not what we are. We don’t merely put parents in touch with tutors and call it a day. After thorough consideration (several rounds of testing and interviews), we hand-pick our tutors. Following the screening process, we train the tutors to teach in online classrooms and to understand the advantages and disadvantages of dealing with young children with technology. After around two weeks of training, we let them enrol in classes and join the successful team at eTutorWorld. Sales for the company increased by 100% during the fiscal year 2020–21 compared to the prior fiscal year.

Tell us about eTutorWorld’s unmatched educational services, any newest features, and the things that make them stand out from the competitors. 

Our business focuses on providing K–12 students in the US with individualised online tutoring and test preparation. “Structured and Personalised long-term tutoring” is our main focus at eTutorWorld. On the other hand, the majority of the industry’s bigger firms offer “On-demand instant homework help”. Since we are fundamentally unique, we plan to forge our own course even moving ahead.

As I’ve already stated, eTutorWorld is not a market; rather, we have committed and qualified tutors (graduates and above) providing higher-quality coaching at reasonable prices.

Yes, this year features a number of new products. One of the options for small groups (of two to six people) is Virtual Learning Pods (VLPs). Every kid in the group receives personalised tutoring from it. Students have recently suffered from serious learning loss, and we think that this kind of accessible, small-group coaching can greatly benefit them. Additionally, we are developing a number of cutting-edge products, including a new worksheet tool with adaptive testing and diagnostic reporting. You will also soon learn about our AI/ML-based and gamification-based products.

We have been paying close attention to the economy and how the education sector is adjusting to the new normal.

We are actively enhancing our capacity to serve a larger audience in order to adapt to the overall increase in the acceptance of online learning. Our mission is to make online tutoring accessible to all societal groups that previously couldn’t afford it. To achieve personalisation at scale, we have been working on numerous product and process advancements.

Inform us about your professional background and the key points of your career.

I currently hold the position of CEO of eTutorWorld. I collaborated with the country manager and managing director of Unisys India before to creating eTutorWorld. I’ve travelled the world working and living, gaining valuable managerial and commercial expertise. I also got the opportunity to collaborate with the companies Tata Consulting, CitiBank, and Deutsche Bank.

In my entrepreneurial journey, my greatest success and fulfilment have been helping thousands of students in the USA with their studies, especially during the covid period, having a high customer satisfaction rating without any customer complaints, providing work or supplemental income for more than 50 people in India, always being able to pay them on time and never missing a payment, maintaining a spotless business reputation, and paying taxes to support society.

Tell us about the eTutorWorld staff and work environment.

One word—’responsibility’—can sum up the workplace atmosphere of eTutorWorld. In order to produce people who are tenacious, self-reliant, and dedicated to the expansion of the business, we’ve combined it with the word “freedom.” Every employee at eTutorWorld works with a sense of responsibility and has the freedom to make decisions that will improve operations.

I have always prioritised employing capable and prepared personnel for this reason. People who are prepared to jump into their occupations headfirst and provide results right away. People can be taught best practises, but they can never be made to learn new things or to imagine ideas that go beyond definitions and authority.

Your perspective on market rivalry and how it affects you.

We think that operating in a competitive market is important since it keeps us alert and encourages ongoing innovation. Most of our rivals follow a market-based business model and concentrate on giving students who need homework assistance on-demand, ad hoc assistance. We aim to give our kids the tools they need to do their homework independently using what they have learned and what they already know. We prepare children for a future in which they may be on their own by providing long-term learning through the help of our knowledgeable teachers.

We are able to provide high-quality teaching at some of the most competitive prices on the market at the moment since all of our teachers are situated in India. As a result, I believe that our rivals should be considering how to keep up with us since we are already one step ahead.

Naturally, one of the best motivating aspects is competition. It prompts you to ask yourself, “What can you do better than your rival?” It encourages you to produce more superior goods and services that are distinctively your own. Our rivals have so far forced us to offer everything we’ve got, and I’m hopeful things only get better from here.

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