7 Best Finance Institutes In The Middle East

Top 7 Famous Finance Institutes In The Middle East | Future Education Magazine


Finance is a field wherein you can specialize as it is a never-ending want for finance professionals. If you want to study abroad in some renowned finance institutes, the middle east is the place for you. Higher studies in finance institutes like a postgraduate degree are the best when you are in the finance field. The Middle East offers some of the best universities to learn from. Dubai is known as the financial and global capital of the world. The economics of the middle east and the opportunities present there make students pursue finance institutes present over there.

Several international brands are growing their business operations in the middle east. In the list of Fortune 100 businesses, the brands function there in full swing. Students can also get exposure via these finance institutes for their projects, assignment submissions, and viva exams. Students from these universities are sent to those companies and observe their daily working strategies and operational activities.

Here Are 7 Best Finance Institutes In The Middle East:

1. Ajman University

Top 7 Famous Finance Institutes In The Middle East | Future Education Magazine

Ajman University is one of the best and top finance institutes that offer financial education to local and foreign students as well. This university is known as the most diverse and renowned institution and it was founded in 1988. From the UK’s Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), this university has received the highest accreditation in terms of being the world’s best finance educator according to global standards. This university comprises 9 colleges that have faculties from all over the globe and are experts in the fiancé field. In the last 2 years, this university has become one of the most awarded and recognized educational institutes in the world. Hence, it tops our list too.     

2. Abu Dhabi University

Founded in 2003, Abu Dhabi University is among the 2nd regionally and 14th globally leading universities in the world. More than 7000 students are spread across their campuses and corporate programs. They have launched an establishment of their own in the Dubai National Park and another teaching establishment in the Al Dhafra part of the Abu Dhabi region. Colleges of Business, Law, health sciences, and engineering this university offers graduate and undergraduate courses across the mentioned fields. Trainees and army or military personnel of the UAE are also included in the same.

3. Heriot-Watt University of Dubai

Top 7 Famous Finance Institutes In The Middle East | Future Education Magazine

As old as 200 years, yes you read that right! An excellent record of teaching, challenging, and inspiring the professionals of the future. World-class teaching, leading-edge research, and top-notch facilities provided by them; all of this makes it a whole bunch of excellent exposure under one roof. Across the university ratings and rankings, this one is the topmost in recognition and preference. In 2019, Heriot-Watt signed a 10-year lease for a new space of 2,18,000 sq. ft in the Dubai Knowledge Park, thereby maintaining its commitment to give the best quality education and facilities to the students.

4. Zayed University, Dubai

Zayed University is another leading finance institute in Dubai. It is a leader of innovation and leadership, in its kind. Established in 1998, it bears the name of the founder of the Nation- the late Shaikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the president had high expectations from this institute which they met as he was expecting. As one of the best finance institutes, Zayed University has two campuses that admit both national and international students.

They have a vision of enabling the youngsters of the nation to lead the financial sector of the country, to build a strong mechanism that will only grow further. Focusing on research as their main agenda and keeping in mind the continuous learning aim, they strive for fostering new learnings and updations in their knowledge and skills, which they then transfer to the students.

5. Westford University College, Sharjah

Talking about financial institutes, this one is the best B-school and financial institute in Dubai. With a legacy of over 14 years, Westford is a respected and the best financial institute to learn from. Though a new university, Westford offers globally accredited graduate and post-graduate courses on finance and specializations too, in it. The feedback of students is appreciable and believe they were lucky enough to get a chance to learn in the best of finance institutes. The university has been able to build the trust and accessibility to students that gave them the success they have today. They offer a wide variety of other courses too that can be explored.

6. De Montfort University, Dubai

Top 7 Famous Finance Institutes In The Middle East | Future Education Magazine

Originally founded as a university for art, in 1872, Leicester School of Art became De Montfort University on 26th June 1992. The name was chosen to highlight the popular Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester, a prominent figure in medieval history, he established the first parliament in 1265. Such is the history associated with the De Montfort University, Dubai. The standards of teaching and distinctiveness are the result of the university’s efforts towards striving for excellence at all times. Apart from finance, art, physical science, coaster, and engineering are the many diverse course options available in this historic and iconic a university.

7. Middlesex University Dubai, Dubai

In the heart of Dubai, this university aims to be a global leader and build an outstanding reputation among national and international students. They have representatives across the world. Dubai is a dynamic and innovative city in the world, Middlesex Dubai offers courses that are the best in the financial sector. Middlesex University has 3 campuses around the globe- Dubai, Mauritius, and London. The university, in the coming period, plans to open more of its establishments in the UK in collaboration with other educational institutes.


These are some of the best finance institutes in Dubai. Finance as a sector is ever-growing and will never stop expanding its roots. Similarly, Dubai as a country is the leading financial and architectural hub of the world. These being the best sectors of the Arab Emirates, one can easily get information to study finance by enquiring about the details of the course.

These mentioned finance institutes are continuously striving for students to get there and study. The Arab government is also taking steps to invite students from all over the globe to increase the knowledge and value of their country. This helps in friendly relations with other nations too. Not only education, it impacts the culture and social values of various nations all over the globe. Hope the given article will help you to choose the best finance institutes.

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