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Our current world is evolving quickly. In order to advance and keep up, a person now needs only a few skillsets, not a precise set. Students must stay current on all future developments because the higher education landscape has altered and evolved from the traditional one. 

The GSE founders made the decision to found their multinational company after receiving numerous inquiries from practically every country in the world, both individually and as a dynamic team. GSE became a true overnight success thanks to its unmatched ability to launch additional schools and offer administration and assistance. From the beginning, there was a huge demand, and it still exists now.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” Nelson Mandela once said. The founders of GSE are aware of this because they have firsthand experience with such significant shifts on five different continents.

The founders of Global Services in Education, Greg and Shanna Parry, take us on a fascinating tour of the business in this interview with The Future Education Magazine.  

Tell us a little bit about the history and founding of Global Services In Education.

In 2011, Global Services in Education was initially established in response to requests from investors and developers for assistance in establishing and running schools. The absence of strong educational management and specialised education skills presented difficulties for investors entering the sector. We started our initial project in India’s Mumbai before relocating to China. We have now completed projects for schools across more than 12 nations, working with all significant curricula.

What accounts for the company’s enduring success?

Many people refer to Global Services in Education (GSE) as the link between business and education. GSE is a pioneer in managing international education. They have an understanding of how schools, curricula, teaching, and learning work. GSE excels in cross-border trade as well. Each project is supported by a thorough financial and business strategy, as well as by strategic planning that informs schools’ long-term business decisions. The ability of GSE leadership to lead initiatives in diverse cultural situations makes it exceptional. Asia and the Middle East, from Australia to the USA. The GSE global education team has covered every significant area.

What makes Global Services In Education the best option? What sets it apart?

A full-service provider of school management, Global Services in school. All main curricula as well as all organisational and managerial aspects of schools. Schools can only be successful if its management team is strong and has a solid understanding of both finance and education.

Tell us about the services that Global Services In Education offers to its clients. 

Establishing the school (including all aspects of business strategy, curriculum design, marketing, and human resources)

Technology vision that ranges from full-service virtual school design and administration to consulting services for classroom technology.

Management of educational institutions for all types, including online, K–12, vocational, and higher education programmes.

How do you make the decision to advance Global Services In Education in the area of educational technology? 

Investors looking to launch full-service virtual schools are contacting Global Services in Education in greater numbers. We see this as a developing trend that accelerated as a result of the pandemic’s effects on schools and families.

Schools also seek to build hybrid capabilities that let them share material across many delivery channels.

How is education technology required in the contemporary global environment? 

Ed-Tech can accommodate a larger range of students’ demands. The fundamental meaning of classrooms, schools, and education has changed as the world has grown smaller. For students, technology opens up new and expanded opportunities for learning and engagement.

What obligations do you believe online knowledge suppliers have?

Student results require a lot of attention. This encompasses both accomplishment and engagement. Commercial operators who are solely focused on making money frequently fail because they do not satisfy their customers. “Animations, bells, and whistles all swiftly break down, as do flashing lights. Technology does not belong in school if it does not help pupils learn better.

Could you please tell us a little bit about your professional background in ed-tech?

As an education management firm that picks techniques for results, GSE is a market leader in Ed-Tech. In the 1990s, the founders of GSE were among the first to use video conferencing to give instruction and training. GSE has continued to innovate while maintaining a healthy dose of scepticism as times have altered. They are aware that despite having quickly changing trends, technology does not always produce the desired results for students.

How has the traditional method of education been altered by digitization? 

Both learning and memory retention have accelerated with digitization. All of this has led to higher levels of operational efficiency as well as efficiency in traditional and virtual classrooms.

Tell us a little bit about your team. 

GSE is happy to have a sizable team with a diverse set of abilities. All educational backgrounds, business executives, and people with technical backgrounds. They are a full-service organisation that has pioneered new ideas while also transforming established institutions in all of the world’s major geographic areas.

Which quote do you find the most inspiring for students? 

“Technology should not be the ‘shiny object’ that makes a school attractive just for marketing purposes.  Education technology must accelerate outcomes for students and improve the quality of education experiences for all stakeholders.”

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