In-Demand Jobs That Didn’t Exist Thirty Years Ago

10 Popular In-Demand Jobs That Didn't Exist Thirty Years Ago | Future Education Magazine



The job market has undergone a major transformation as technology has taken over. Especially, with the onset of Artificial Intelligence (AI), more technology-enforced in-demand jobs exist. Not only technology, AI has become a part of every field to make things easier. The thinking process is what is enhanced in a huge capacity. The digital age has shown a different aspect of the world to almost every field of work. The use of the internet has increased substantially day by day to achieve professional goals.

The number of new areas open for in-demand jobs is surprising. Until aware of some technology, people don’t even know about such a technology and the job related to it. This is the transformation that has taken place in the last two decades. As left unheard, people aren’t aware of some in-demand jobs or areas of work. So, we are here to help you regarding the same.

Here Is A List Of 10 In-demand Jobs That Didn’t Exist Thirty Years Ago:

1. Chief Listening Officer

10 Popular In-Demand Jobs That Didn't Exist Thirty Years Ago | Future Education Magazine

Believe it or not, this one is one of the most in-demand jobs for now. This is somewhat similar to social media management. A social media manager needs to come up with catchy content that will work and go viral on social media. While a Chief Listening Officer (CLO), strives for solving customer queries and complaints while hearing them right. As the brand has a large customer base, multiple customers have complaints of many types. An empathetic person is required to solve the same. Hence, this is one of the in-demand jobs.  

2. Social Media Manager

This has to be on the list of the most in-demand jobs. Over the last two decades, the impact of social media has been such on our lives, it needs no special mention, does it? Good or bad, all of us are obsessed over reels and short videos, posts, and whatnot on social media. So, what better job can a person get in these days? The hype that social media has created via memes, reels, short videos, web series, and other stuff, isn’t a trend that is going to stop anytime soon! It’ll only grow with time.   

3. Digital Marketing Specialist

Another hit on the list and the most in-demand job these days is of a digital marketing specialist. As everything is turned digital, so are the jobs too. As every business has a website these days, the marketing phenomenon, especially digital marketing has reached exceptional heights. Constantly monitoring the website traffic, social media handle traffic, and making new strategies to attract prospects via posting ads on their smartphones, laptops, etc are the responsibilities of a digital marketing specialist.

4. Blogger

10 Popular In-Demand Jobs That Didn't Exist Thirty Years Ago | Future Education Magazine

Blogging started attracting a lot of people in the early 2000s. As popular a platform as it became, it happened to be an in-demand job to date. Blog posting on websites is a full-time job. You need to dig up new topics related to your domain and post unique information in the form of blogs. Some people write blogs as a hobby or make money out of it too. So, what better than making your hobby a job, isn’t it?

5. Podcaster

As recently as 10 years ago, if asked what is a podcast, you wouldn’t know the word. The most in-demand jobs right now, podcasts have created a lot of buzz. The content in a podcast is very organic and relatable to the target audience. The more relatable content, the more the engagement rate of audiences. People love to hear and relate to different topics and experiences of people. Podcasts are conducted on any topic where value addition is the most. It imparts practical knowledge. Which is becoming of utmost importance these days.  

6. Data Scientist

A data scientist decodes data groups measured in exabytes—which is equivalent to 1 quintillion bytes. Yes, that’s true. As one of the in-demand jobs, a data scientist’s work requires him to be well-versed in computer programming, mathematics, and statistics. According to Glassdoor, the annual salary of a data scientist is $1,20,931. That makes it a quite popular job and a sharp intellect.

7. Cloud Services Specialist

Unknowingly, you use cloud computing services each day or whenever you’re using the internet. Internet “clouds” act as data storage elements to store data or information in the servers. It can come up with new apps, host websites, stream audio, and video, deliver software and interpret data too. So, of course in the digital world we are in, cloud computing plays an exceptionally well role to be one of the most in-demand jobs.  

8. Copywriter & Content Writer

10 Popular In-Demand Jobs That Didn't Exist Thirty Years Ago | Future Education Magazine

A piece of content posted on the internet is known as a copy. Websites need some content on them, which is catchy and attractive for people to engage. The posted content is known as a website copy. Creativity is the element that works in this. Becoming one of the many in-demand jobs, copywriters and content writers are in high demand.

9. Content Strategist

A content strategist formulates new ideas and plans to decide what content and descriptions of the website or social media pages will be posted. Engaging people over the posted content is the main agenda behind this. Through the websites, a content strategist is expected to increase the revenue and profits of the organization. Not only technological knowledge, but market knowledge is also necessary when planning what content to post on the website or social media.

10. Life Coach

If you like to help people, especially in their personal or professional life, what better thing than that? They are also known as enrichment specialists, people take advice from life coaches to be back on track in their lives. Yes, this one is also a full-time job as people need someone to discuss things with and talk their heart out. Especially career guidance is needed for people to get good opportunities in the future.


The above list of jobs is proof that how much we’re dependent on technology these days. Make the best use of available technology and you will do wonders in life. From not being aware much about the internet to working on it full-time, life has changed us a lot. So, as we conclude, we only want to say is be aware of the latest trends in the market regarding technology and the digital era.

Be at par in case of information and knowledge about the career fields available at a particular time. Choose accordingly and also see your interest in it. There are a lot of things that you can think of before starting a career in these fields. As they say, there’s a lot of fish in the sea! All the best.

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