Why Students Are Protesting On Friday Across Italy Is Because Of No Meloni

Why Students Are Protesting On Friday Across Italy Is Because Of No Meloni | Future Education Magazine


On Friday, Students are protesting on friday across italy is because of no meloni, some commotion was anticipated in the heart of Rome, Milan, and other Italian towns due to student demonstrations against the new government’s educational policy. According to reports, thousands of Italian students demonstrated in the streets on Friday to call for increased funding for the nation’s educational institutions, which they claim the new hard-right administration led by Giorgia Meloni does not prioritize.

The day of coordinated protests, called “No Meloni Day,” was arranged by the student organisations Unione degli Studenti and Rete degli Studenti in Italy in opposition to the new prime minister’s views on education. After the education ministry was renamed the “Ministry for Education and Merit,” protesters claimed they were opposed to her government’s emphasis on “meritocracy.”

The ministry’s new name has drawn criticism from those who believe it promotes the concept that academic success depends only on effort and downplays the systemic inequalities that prohibit low-income pupils from moving up the educational ladder. Unione degli Studenti’s manager of communications, Alice Beccari, told Italian media that the group was not, however, demonstrating “exclusively” against the philosophy of the current administration.

As in previous years, she declared, “We oppose reforms that aim to privatize and industrialize education.”

The main demonstration in Rome was anticipated to interrupt certain bus services as students marched from Circo Massimo to the offices of the Italian minister of education in the Trastevere neighbourhood. children, says Ansa, are also against rumors that the Meloni government may implement “streaming” in schools, which would separate children depending on skill levels and “is said to be against the Italian Constitution because it discriminates against some,” because it “discriminates against some.”

Students screamed “Fascists, get out of Sapienza” while members of the Brothers of Italy spoke at an event while protesters yelled “Fascists, get out of Sapienza,” according to organizers of the demonstration at Rome’s Sapienza University last month. According to Euronews, the police beat students with batons and video evidence revealed one protester being “dragged and slammed into the ground.”

“We have asked this new government to abandon the rhetoric of meritocracy and to try to think about a clear investment in the future of education in this country,” organizers told Wanted in Rome. “To date, however, all we have received has been silence and beatings. Nobody speaks of schools and universities in the budget law that is just around the corner.”

Campaigners asserted that Meloni’s emphasis on an educational system in which students and schools are “rewarded” primarily based on merit will result in funding cuts for Italian schools.

“We are in the streets because we want to support public schools, which should be at the top of the list of thoughts of [the Italian government] given that they train the citizens of the future, and instead each time it is always the one that suffers the biggest cuts,” Micol, a student at Severi Correnti High School in Milan, told La Stampa.

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