The Ohio Department Of Education Will Undergo Changes

New Changes Coming To The Ohio Department Of Education In 2023 |


Following the approval of House Bill 33, the Ohio Department of Education will undergo some adjustments. Changes in names come first.

The Department of Education will change its name to the Department of Education and Workforce during the first week of October and elevate to the status of a cabinet-level organisation answering to the Governor of Ohio.

Primary, secondary, and career-technical education in Ohio will be under the direction of the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce. The governor will name the director, who will then name subordinate directors.

“The Department’s restructuring is a great opportunity to expand its focus on student success by prioritising workforce readiness while still advancing its Future Forward Ohio initiatives to help students recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic,” state leaders wrote on the website of the Ohio Department of Education.

The legislation also established the Department of Children and Youth, a new organisation that is anticipated to offer children and families more effective services in the areas of prevention, early education, and support.

The Ohio Department of Education and Workforce

They will share the authority and responsibilities of the State Board of Education, leaving the State Board in charge of the following:

  • Employ a state superintendent of public education to act as the State Board’s executive officer;
  • Adopt conditions for educator certification;
  • Process and appoint licences for educators;
  • Investigate alleged educator misconduct and take appropriate action;
  • Review licencing eligibility, background checks, and retained applicant fingerprint database participation; 
  • Resolve territorial transfer disputes between school districts;
  • Administer the procedures for evaluating teachers and school counsellors;
  • Oversee the Ohio Teacher of the Year programme; interact with the Educator Standards Board and offer staff support.

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