President Droupadi Murmu Champions AI Integration for Transformative Education

President Droupadi Murmu Champions AI Integration for Transformative Education | Future Education Magazine


President Droupadi Murmu bestowed the prestigious Lakshmipat Singhania – IIM Lucknow National Leadership Awards during a ceremony in New Delhi, where she articulated the imperative need for the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into educational frameworks. Her address underscored the broader goal of comprehensive development, emphasizing the pivotal role of entrepreneurship deeply rooted in Indian culture.

Concerns about the Environmental Impact of Relentless Production and Productivity

President Droupadi Murmu began by expressing concerns about the environmental impact of relentless pursuits of production and productivity, leading to climate change and ecological disruptions. Drawing attention to the contrast between Western profit-centric values and Indian cultural ethos, she applauded the growing trend of entrepreneurship among the country’s youth, signaling a shift towards a culture of self-employment.

In recognizing India’s standing as the third-largest global startup ecosystem and a prominent hub for unicorn companies, President Droupadi Murmu praised the management skills, business acumen, and technical expertise exhibited by the country’s youth. She highlighted their significant roles within leading tech enterprises worldwide.

More Inclusive Approach to National Development

Advocating for a substantial overhaul in the curriculum of educational institutions, President Droupadi Murmu called for a more inclusive approach to national development. She urged collaboration among managers, educators, and organizational leaders, stressing the need to align Indian management studies with local companies, consumers, and societal needs.

President Droupadi Murmu recommended a shift in focus from international business case studies to those involving Indian and multinational companies operating within India. Additionally, she emphasized the importance of directing research efforts towards Indian-based journals, particularly those accessible through open access, ensuring widespread availability to students and researchers across diverse demographics.

Highlighting recent events, such as the successful rescue operation of 41 laborers from the Silkyara tunnel in Uttarakhand, President Droupadi Murmu emphasized the significance of such occurrences as valuable subjects for leadership and teamwork studies, especially during crises.

The Envisioned “Amrit Kaal”

Addressing concerns about potential job displacement due to AI, President Droupadi Murmu advocated for the integration of AI into management education. She reassured that individuals well-versed in AI and its ethical application need not fear job loss. She stressed the role of institutions like IIM Lucknow in shaping curricula that propel India toward becoming a developed nation in the envisioned “Amrit Kaal.”

President Murmu’s impassioned call for a paradigm shift in management education aims to equip India’s future leaders with the skills, mindset, and adaptability needed to navigate the complexities of the evolving global landscape. This initiative aligns with the broader vision of fostering holistic growth and sustainable development, ensuring India’s readiness for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

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