How Teacher’s Stress Can Affect Teaching and Learning Process?

Teaching and Learning Process: 3 Unusual Causes of Teachers’ Stress | Future Education Magazine


Teachers are the pillars of a student’s learning years. Teachers play an important role in shaping students from playgroup to college life. To enhance the learning process, teachers adopt some unique ways and ideas. As they deal with various students of all ages, they know how to ease the learning process for them. As educators, they are continuously trying their level best to help students to strike a balance. They try to make the concepts easier in order to understand the process faster. As they have to deal with a variety of students each time, they have to formulate a different learning process for age groups of students.

Teachers get stressed out with the workload and management of the student’s syllabus. Stress can cause symptoms like anxiety, forgetfulness, insomnia, and headaches. Repeated stress can cause depressive moods and a lack of motivation to teach students. This affects the overall performance of students and the teacher’s teaching ability too.

Here are 3 Causes of Teachers’ Stress:

First of all, it is well understood that the teaching quality deteriorated, and it directly affects the student’s learning process. Here are 3 Causes Of Teachers’ Stress That Affect The Learning Process:

1. Improper Treatment of Teachers

Teaching and Learning Process: 3 Unusual Causes of Teachers’ Stress | Future Education Magazine

As an organization, teachers aren’t at times given the fair treatment they deserve. Often, they are looked won upon, when decision-making processes are to be implemented. The authorities of the school do not pay much heed to the teachers in the operational aspect of the school. Suggestions, opinions, and views are not given much importance. This toxic culture causes stress in teachers and affects students’ learning process. 

2. Amount of teaching experience

An important aspect that affects the learning process of students is the amount of experience the teacher is having. The amount of experience the teacher has also plays a vital role. As with experience, you are able to control the students and take things a bit according to their intentions too. Not all students are obeying what is being said in terms of behavior and completing studies. Some are sincere, intelligent and obey everything that is told. Some do not obey and tend to behave in an improper manner. So, it depends on the tact of the teacher to manage the students. Experience matters when it comes to handling the class.

3. Unmatched vision and mission of schools

As a teacher, your goal is to impart knowledge to students and ensure their concepts are clear. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are given to teachers in order to follow a method of teaching. It happens sometimes that the teacher’s principles and the school’s vision and mission do not match each other. As they are not in sync the learning process gets affected to a large extent. Due to these clashes in principles, harmony, and peace are absent in the environment of the school.

How Does It Affect The Teaching And Learning Process?

1. Haphazard teaching in class

Teaching and Learning Process: 3 Unusual Causes of Teachers’ Stress | Future Education Magazine

As teachers are under continuous stress of following the guidelines laid down by the school, they get tense. Tensed about making the students understand the concepts, finishing the syllabus, and ensuring students get good marks. Stress makes your thought process go for a toss. You cannot think properly and get disoriented. This non-aligned structure makes the teaching process unstructured, resulting in a disturbed learning process for the students.

2. Student’s doubts remain unsolved

As the learning process isn’t quite understandable the students remain in doubt about the concepts taught in the school. They cannot process what’s happening in the class and feel the need for tuition classes. If in the tuition classes, the concept is taught in a different method, the students get confused. They do not understand what is right and wrong as they are very new to the concept being taught.

4. School’s reputation gets at stake

As the teacher’s and school’s thought processes and principles are not in alignment, the image of the school is at stake. There are many competitors for the school out there that will take advantage of the situation. All this affects the learning process of the students or their grasping abilities. At times, the parents of students may hear ill-talks about the school their child is studying in. As parents of a child, they are pretty concerned about the school’s internal environment and culture. If they think it isn’t suitable for their child, they tend to cancel their students’ admission.

How Can Teachers Take Less Stress?

1. Make use of technology

Teaching and Learning Process: 3 Unusual Causes of Teachers’ Stress | Future Education Magazine

With the onset of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality you can make the grasping of students more exciting and fun. As the students enjoy the process, you yourself as a teacher will enjoy teaching too, as you witness your teaching making a difference.

2. Practice meditation

Practicing meditation gives you peace of mind and calmness. As you get some time for yourself via meditation, it is the time when you do not think of anything and are in your space of thinking nothing. As the thoughts are completely shut off, you are able to think well and feel active.  

3. Be diligent

Show that you care for the students. Be honest in the teaching method and ensure the majority of students are on the same page of understanding. It creates a genuine bond between the students and teachers. When the students approve of you, no school can point a finger at you. Do your job with honesty and try to be a pleasing personality for the students. Be friendly and ensure they aren’t scared to approach you. Also, maintain a social distance as well.


Stress is in every field these days. It is due to the culture of the organization we work in, the environment, or the work pressure. The reasons are endless. In the concern of making the students’ doubts clear, teachers tend to get stressed out and it affects their teaching method. They aren’t able to teach up to their best capacity and exactly that affects them more as a professional person. If any issues prevail, ask for help from the school’s higher authorities to ensure smoothness and harmony in the school. This will also keep a positive image of the school outside its gate. Students from that school will be looked upon well enough and with respect.

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