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7 Important Growing Fields in Education | Future Education Magazine



As the digital landscape is spreading its wings, gaining an education has changed too. Also, due to the pandemic, the digital space has gotten a lot of importance and people have adapted to it with open arms. As the era is changing, not only in the digital aspect but generally, the fields of education have also emerged in quantities. As people are witnessing the start-up culture, more and more start-ups have started emerging. The trend itself is of a startup. But having said that, along with business and digitalization, other fields in education also must be considered for the betterment of the respective nation.

There are many fields that are interesting but overlooked or possess negativity in people’s eyes. Negativity prevails due to some past heard experiences and interactions with some known people.

Here Are 7 Fields In Education That Are Growing In The Current Era:

1. Communication

Communication is a field where most youngsters need to concentrate. As communication is a life-long skill to master, educational institutes must try to inculcate the same and focus on it more. Good communication skill is a primary requirement in job descriptions. A candidate who is a fresher isn’t so well-versed with the outer world so gets intimidated on the job. Gets demoralized when he cannot communicate well and his self-esteem is affected. There is no field that does not require us to communicate well.

7 Important Growing Fields in Education | Future Education Magazine

Some fields that teach us good communication skills exist, like Journalism, but that isn’t the only field where you need to communicate. In general, when a student is a fresher, he must be able to speak out in the world and have confidence. That should be focused on in the context of fields in education.

2. Politics

With youngsters in it, politics will be one of the best fields of education. As youth are more motivated toward the betterment of the nation, political extremism will get more on track. To handle situations like corruption, updating old laws, gender discrimination and communal violence are some of the many issues that need to be addressed. In the context of making the world a better place, to spread peace and harmony if youngsters take steps, nothing better than that.

International relations, human and civil rights, political campaigns, etc are certain elements involved in politics that need to be looked at from a fresh and young perspective. This is one of the best fields in education.

3. Digital Finance

7 Important Growing Fields in Education | Future Education Magazine

The finance sector has been affected the most since technology has taken over. Currently, people almost manage their money online, cash dealings have become way less these days. Since the onset of online payments, you can make a payment by just clicking on a payment gateway link or scanning a QR code. Electronic wallets and Internet banking have become the most common ways of making payments these days. Automated virtual assistants and cryptocurrency have set the finance sector on fire. It has taken a toll on the finance sector totally. As one of the growing fields in education, learning about digital finance will take these students way ahead in their careers.

4. Environmental Studies

One of the fields in education that not many think of is the environment. Every nation needs to save nature, the earth, and the surroundings around them. Most global governments are involved in activities like saving nature or the environment. They have started efforts in their own ways. Studying about the environment will never go to waste, as it is a good deed to do and will ultimately help to save nature.

In this, you need to conduct research on how to control waste, reduce pollution and make strategies for increasing the use of green energy. Awareness about green energy is a must these days. To control pollution, automobiles are also turning towards electric technology. There are a good variety of options like biology, ecology, physics, earth science, and atmospheric science.

5. Accounting and Finance

As mentioned before, the startup culture is on a boom these days, so the fields in education like accounting and finance are naturally going to grow. The requirement for finance advisers and accountants is growing and is still growing at present. With the onset of the latest trends like Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing the work will get easier and will reduce the stress. Ease of work will be the main task in delivering high quality. Every business of course needs someone to look after the accounts, finances, profits, and losses, so finance specialists and accountants need not worry much.

6. Digital Marketing

 As one of the best fields in education at present, businesses rely hugely on digital promotion these days. You can promote your brand online and get a good amount of impressions or conversions. Different aspects of digital marketing like email marketing, social media, PPC, and content marketing are the fields where there is no stoppage. With technological additions like Virtual Reality (VR), the digital space is in a boom already.

7 Important Growing Fields in Education | Future Education Magazine

Brands make use of digital techniques a lot as the internet grants a lot of options for the brand to be visible. The world overall is witnessing a lot of changes recently and needs the relevant talent in order to bear the burden of the rapid changes. Not only to bear the burden but also to carry the change forward and make it a success.

7. Information Technology (IT)

Last but not least, Information Technology needs no introduction. As the IT sector is required in many sectors these days, as it makes jobs more and more simple, the use of new gadgets and software will of course make our life easier and simpler. Especially post the pandemic, businesses and individuals have become more tech-dependent. The sector sounds unstoppable and we just need to watch where it is headed. The technologies we witness today are all because of the IT sector and it is only going to grow further. Fields like robotics, cloud computing, cyber security, quantum computing, and artificial intelligence are in an excellent growth stage and nobody can say where it’ll all stop.


The fields of education can be more other than these, of course. We have listed down these in order to help students to look from a broader perspective, and not be in a rat race. It will only lead to being in a typical field while it’s already saturated. Education or at least higher studies like graduation and post-graduation should be chosen according to interests and likings.

Analyze the career goals you have in front of you and check your interests. It is often said that a lot of likings lie in the childhood habits or interests you had then. Try to be in accordance with it and observe yourself. If need be, conduct a psychometric test and see where your interest is if you can’t figure it out yourself. That can work wonders for you.

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