Tips For Writing An Essay As An Excellent Student

10 Useful Tips for Writing an Essay as an Excellent Student | Future Education Magazine


Writing an essay in school is a task to help the students channel their minds in the required direction. It requires the students to do a bit of research, spend time with the topic, and concentrate. Writing an essay shows their ability to think and write on a topic that is known to them but they are required to put it down in their own words. Students are used to referring to something and reading as in textbooks while reading and learning the answers for exams. Over here they are needed to write on a topic using their skills and thinking ability.

When a student writes an essay in a way, they are practicing communication. It gives you a chance to know how much knowledge you possess about a particular topic and your ability to think is tested to the core. To improve writing and analytical skills, writing an essay is a mandatory task in schools.

Here Are 10 Points For Writing An Essay As An Excellent Student:

1. Understandable

10 Useful Tips for Writing an Essay as an Excellent Student | Future Education Magazine

This is the most important fact and the most underrated one too. When writing an essay, students tend to use big words to make an impression. Not understanding the meaning, they end up using the wrong words and go out of context while writing. Using complex words doesn’t mean you are good at writing an essay, understanding the same is way more important. In the point to make it understandable, make sure it is crisp and not too long or monotonous.    

2. Pick a good topic

While writing an essay, pick a topic that is known to you. Remember to pick a topic that interests you, as you need to conduct proper research on it and are going to be in the vicinity of it. A topic that interests you would be good in terms of going through it and seeking more information relevant to it from more sources. A topic that allows you to bring your perspective and thoughts on the same, is a good topic to write on.

3. Spend some time with the topic

If the clock allows you, try to spend some time with the topic. To write an essay, you need to be amid the topic for some time while conducting the research. As you start to look for points for research, you automatically get into the zone of the topic. If not, wait for some time and go back to the topic again. Speak to friends about what topic they have chosen and try to come up with new ideas.

4. Create a thesis statement

10 Useful Tips for Writing an Essay as an Excellent Student | Future Education Magazine

This step comes after you have finalized the topic. While writing an essay you need to convey the main point or topic of the essay. The thesis statement should talk about the main topic and the sub-topics covered in it to further explain the main topic. Let the reader what is your main idea and the logic behind that idea. This makes the reader get a glimpse of the topic ad the points about which he/she is going to read further. It may increase curiosity and the reader will read it with interest.

5. Make an outline

This allows you to gain insight into the topic you are thinking of writing on. You can make a list of relevant points and arrange them in the way you need the flow to be. You can place the supporting evidence beneath it and explain further to prove your point. Create a diagram if you need it or a mind map format to make it easier for you to write.        

6. Use relevant vocabulary

While writing an essay you need to use the appropriate words and make the essay compelling and persuasive. Only use words that are understandable to you and that you understand as a reader.  To look for meanings you can use a dictionary to cross-check and confirm the context of words you will be using. Watch the tone when writing an essay. The tone decides the engagement of the reader and the interest that he will retain.

7. Be precise

Writing an essay becomes more authentic when it is precise, crisp, and factual. Specific details like numerical information, graphs if need be, historical facts, and descriptions of places and people support the statement you make in the essay. It depicts command over the topic and seems genuine on reading as it covers facts and figures to support the argument.

8. Put yourself in the reader’s shoes

10 Useful Tips for Writing an Essay as an Excellent Student | Future Education Magazine

While writing an essay, be in the mindset of a reader. Be an empath. Ook at the essay from the reader’s point of view. By looking at the topic, think of what the readers want to know about. Think about what information are readers looking for when they read the essay written by you. Is it adding any value to their knowledge or not, should be considered by you. Hence, mentioning some relevant facts and figures is an add-on.  

9. Make it engaging

On whatever topic you’ve chosen, highlight the “how” in it. The how in it will give a background of a particular situation. In short, you need to use the storytelling technique. Whenever narrating a story or explaining a situation, make it relatable and intertwined. Try making an impact on the reader and make him think in the way you’re having an outlook on it.

10. Write a confident conclusion

Finally, when you are about to conclude writing an essay, proofread the essay before you write the conclusion. Crosscheck the facts mentioned if you feel the need. The conclusion depicts that you have formulated a perspective on a topic. It shows your thought process on a topic. Only be sure of not to go out of context while formulating the conclusion. Writing an essay can get overwhelming at times, and you can go out of context while concluding.


Writing an essay can feel like a daunting task and feel dread it too. Adding the finishing touches will help the reader to know that the essay is well-written and well-researched too. In writing an essay, there are always some points that are strong and will make an impact on the reader. The whole essay is your opinion you have and an idea you possess on a particular topic.

Finishing touch means paying attention to minute details and refining them. If you’re describing a process of something in your essay, be precise about the flow of the essay. Check for incorrect grammar and spelling mistakes. Make the reading fun. You won’t want your readers to lose interest because of incorrect English or spelling errors, would you?

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