Top 25 SaaS EdTech Companies in 2023

Top 25 SaaS EdTech Companies in 2023 | Future Education Magazine


Once upon a time, schooling consisted only of reading and taking notes, but those days are long gone. Does the word “classroom” conjure you images of serious teenage students in specs? OK, that’s not the case any more. The educational landscape has evolved dramatically. In the hands of SaaS EdTech Companies, it has taken on new meaning and significance. The method through which educational institutions acquire such tools has also changed. The many advantages of the SaaS model have resulted in its widespread adoption by EdTech enterprises.

When schools and universities moved their operations online in the wake of the pandemic, education technology, often known as EdTech, saw explosive development. The education technology (EdTech) industry has seen a surge in popularity of new SaaS EdTech Companies in recent years. The next generation’s destiny is in the hands of these education technology firms. There will soon be an entirely new manner of learning thanks to the widespread use of education technology, EdTech tools, better software, and enhanced hardware in the education sector.

Here are the Top 25 SaaS EdTech Companies in 2023;

1. Grammarly

Location: San Francisco

Writing errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and style can all easily remedied by using the web-based proofreading and editing tool Grammarly. After launching in 2008, it created this AI-driven Chrome add-on.

Top 25 SaaS EdTech Companies in 2023 | Future Education Magazine

Currently, two packages are available of this SaaS EdTech Companies. There is a free introductory edition and three paid tiers for access to further features. A score is also provided when the errors have been detected automatically.

2. Teachoo

Location: Pune, India

Teachoo is a (software as a service) SaaS EdTech Companies that provides a number of online courses to English-speaking students in India. There are now classes offered in mathematics, Microsoft Excel, and tax preparation.

3. Outschool

Location: San Francisco, CA

Using software as a service (SaaS EdTech) education technology, Outschool has created a classroom-like setting for at-home students to interact with teachers and other students in real time. More than a thousand live classes in areas as varied as archaeology, ballet, art, and STEM are available for students and their parents to choose from. In all, 500,000 people have attended one of the organization’s 140,000 courses. Currently valued at $3 billion (or around $9 per person in the US), Outschool has allegedly generated $45 million in revenue for teachers.

4. Prerply

Location: Brookline, Massachusetts

Preply is an online marketplace where you can find language teachers. It is well recognized as a leading SaaS EdTech in the field of education. The Preply platform furthermore provides a “structured learning” option for students who might benefit from a tutor guiding them along a more organized route. Tutors on Preply are ranked using both an algorithm based on machine learning and user ratings. The business claims that more than 100,000 students are using the platform, which is almost the same as the capacity of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

5. Accredible

Location: San Francisco

When it comes to human resources, Accredible is widely recognized as the gold standard in certification providers. Since its inception in 2013, this company has supplied credentials to over 5000 businesses and individuals.

A student’s certificates may be noted and enhanced with suggestions. The annual credential count and enterprise-level extras determine pricing.

6. CreativeLive

Location: Seattle

Fans of the creative arts may take advantage of CreativeLive’s video lessons. And includes topics like wedding photography, picture editing, and sound design. In addition, the real-time Q&A structure of live-streamed classes allows students to obtain immediate feedback on their inquiries.

7. Panorama Education

Location: Boston

Panorama Education is a data analytics firm that conducts surveys to gauge a variety of factors related to K-12 institutions, including school atmosphere, teacher engagement, student happiness, and more.

Top 25 SaaS EdTech Companies in 2023 | Future Education Magazine

The group creates and manages the surveys (which may be completed safely on a mobile device). In addition to collecting data, the firm assists the more than 11,000 schools who utilize its services in making sense of it and taking appropriate action.

8. Kahoot!

Location: Norway

Kahoot! turns studying, studying for tests, and studying for quizzes into entertaining little games. The best way to discuss these issues is by projecting them onto a screen. Those pupils who answer first correctly will be rewarded with bonus points. Its competitive nature has made it a success not just with youngsters, but also in corporate settings and trivia nights.

9. Labster

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Labster provides a multitude of virtual laboratories, or “labs,” for conducting research in virtual reality. Virtual reality and augmented reality are being used in the classroom to simulate laboratory experiences. The primary benefit is that youngsters may practice in a risk-free environment. Moreover, we need to get pupils ready for real lab work. More than 150 virtual laboratories are now hosted on Labster’s platform, and the company has over a thousand academic institutions as clients.

10. Lessonly

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Companies may use Lessonly, a piece of software designed to aid with internal training, to great effect. It’s essentially a classroom for the business-to-business sector. The organization also offers tools for employees to use in role-playing realistic situations.

11. McGraw Hill Education

Location: Ohio

As an example of the scientific approach used by McGraw Hill Education, SmartBook, a personalized reading aid, is created. The firm also creates digital curriculum, apps for smartphones, and eBooks.

12. BeRecruited

Location: San Francisco

With over 17 million high school athletes and over 30.000 college and university coaches on its platform, BeRecruited is the biggest college recruitment network in the United States. You may use it to keep up with your favorite school’s athletics teams, create a personalized profile, and see how popular your preferences are among coaches.

13. Duolingo

Location: Pittsburgh

The free Duolingo program uses a game-like approach to teaching users any of 30 different languages, from Spanish to Esperanto. Players complete timed tasks and gain points to move up the ranks. In addition, a recent research indicated that 34 hours of Duolingo was about equivalent to a first-semester Spanish course in terms of the amount of knowledge gained.

14. Coursmos

Location: San Francisco

Micro-courses, or “micro-learning” as it is often known, are short educational videos that may be completed in as little as three minutes. The website also has courses on professional and personal growth.

15. Remind

Location: San Francisco

Using the Remind app, educators and parents may communicate through phone or text message without giving personal contact information. And it avoids the trouble of disclosing any personal information by not giving any kind of contact information. And with 31 million unique users per month, it’s a great way to get the word out about important dates and projects for the classroom.

16. Flipgrid

Location: Minneapolis

Flipgrid functions similarly to a message board. Students upload short films in response to questions rather than writing essays. Furthermore, students may record lengthier video presentations and obtain video responses from their instructors.

17. Applyboard

Location: Ontario

Applyboard is a service that facilitates the application process for higher education institutions in the United States and Canada for international high school and college students. ApplyBoard also offers features to assist speed the application process, such as a safe place to save transcripts and other important papers.

18. Seesaw

Top 25 SaaS EdTech Companies in 2023 | Future Education Magazine

Location: San Francisco

Seesaw SaaS EdTech is a learning software that students may use to keep track of their academic progress by taking images and videos of their projects and including digital additions. It was established in 2014 and streamlines the process of sharing student work with parents and providing them with a view into the classroom.

19. Sapling Learning

Location: Texas

Sapling Learning is useful for helping pupils grasp complex material in subjects like physics and mathematics. The questions posed by the interface are not limited to a single format, though; they may take the form of multiple-choice questions, open-ended essays, or even rankings. Helpful comments and explanations are provided at appropriate points along the journey.

20. Udemy

Location: San Francisco

Udemy is a leading edtech platform where instructors may build their own courses, share them with students, and profit from their enrollments. Also, the instructor’s earnings are split between them and Udemy. It has been around since 2010, allowing for close observation of both user uptake and general engagement.

21. Smart Sparrow

Location: San Francisco

To help its clients create engaging and flexible e-learning content, SmartSparrow SaaS EdTech built a web-based learning design platform. The firm also offers a flexible, drag-and-drop writing interface. Furthermore, it allows educators to construct their own courses and provide individualized curriculum for their pupils.

22. NextLesson

Location: San Francisco

NextLesson provides instructors with access to over 10,000 standards-aligned projects and lessons that focus on real-world problem solving via areas that kids care about, such movies, sports, and celebrities. It launched in 2013, and now more than 2 million kids and 75,000 instructors in school systems around the country use it.

23. Schoology

Location: New York City

Top 25 SaaS EdTech Companies in 2023 | Future Education Magazine

The Schoology LMS places a premium on students’ enjoyment and group effort while studying. Through this method, young people may collaborate and communicate with one another. It provides instructors with a centralized location from which to manage classroom operations such as lesson preparation, student assessment, and report card distribution.

24. Voxy

Location: New York City

Voxy SaaS EdTech creates English language courses optimized for mobile devices and geared toward certain use cases. The course content is designed specifically for purposes such as preparing for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (also known as TOEFL). It also encompasses institutional settings such as universities and businesses.

25. Rosetta Stone

Location: Arlington

A primary goal of Rosetta Stone SaaS EdTech is the simultaneous instruction of many languages. The software and online services provided by Rosetta Stone help students learn 30 other languages, including English. The three modes of communication (hearing, speaking, and writing) are included into this program as well. But that’s not all; it also repeatedly revisits basic ideas.


In conclusion, the year 2022 witnessed a remarkable surge in the growth and prominence of SaaS EdTech companies. These organizations have proven to be pioneers in transforming education and learning through the power of technology. By leveraging cloud-based solutions, these top 25 SaaS EdTech companies have not only addressed the evolving needs of educators and students but have also revolutionized the way knowledge is imparted and acquired.

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