Durham Public Schools Welcomes New Superintendent Anthony Lewis

Durham Public Schools Welcomes New Superintendent Anthony Lewis | Future Education Magazine



Introduction of Anthony Lewis

Durham Public Schools (DPS) has appointed Anthony Lewis as its new superintendent following a tumultuous period marked by staff unrest and budgetary challenges. Selected from a pool of over 100 candidates, Lewis brings extensive experience in education leadership, having served as superintendent of Lawrence Public Schools in Kansas since 2018. His career path, which began as a special education teacher and later as a principal in Montgomery, Alabama, has equipped him with a deep understanding of educational dynamics and community engagement.

Addressing Challenges and Priorities

In a recent interview with WUNC’s Education Reporter Liz Schlemmer, Lewis highlighted his alignment with Durham’s current challenges, particularly in improving staff wages and morale. Drawing from his experience in Lawrence, where he successfully implemented a bargaining unit for classified staff, Lewis aims to foster a supportive environment for all employees at DPS. Despite the legal constraints on public worker unions in North Carolina, Lewis emphasized his commitment to listening to and collaborating with both classified and certified staff to enhance working conditions, believing that staff well-being directly impacts student learning environments.

Restoring Trust and Future Vision

Durham Public Schools faced significant employee relations issues in the past year, exacerbated by budgetary oversights leading to concerns over staff retention and morale. Addressing these challenges head-on, Lewis outlined his strategy to rebuild trust through extensive stakeholder engagement and transparent communication. His superintendent entry plan prioritizes listening sessions with internal and external stakeholders to understand their concerns and aspirations. Lewis affirmed his belief in the transformative power of trust, emphasizing his readiness to implement actionable solutions following these discussions.

Looking ahead, Lewis expressed his personal values and vision for Durham’s educational community. As a parent of two children who will attend DPS, he stressed the importance of aligning his leadership with the district’s values and aspirations. His competitive spirit and commitment to excellence aim to elevate Durham Public Schools to a national benchmark of success, building on recent gains in state test scores and fostering an environment where all students can thrive.

Lewis’s appointment represents a pivotal moment for Durham Public Schools, signaling a new chapter of leadership dedicated to inclusivity, transparency, and educational excellence. With his extensive background and proactive approach to community engagement, Anthony Lewis is poised to lead DPS toward a future of growth and achievement, ensuring that every student receives a quality education in a supportive and empowering environment.

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