10 Best EdTech Companies for K-12 Institutes

10 Best Edu-Tech startups for K-12 Institutes | Future Education Magazine


Equally important to waking up in the morning is getting a good education. Further, technological advancements are making higher education more accessible. Conversely, tech has changed the face of schooling by introducing new ways for students to acquire knowledge. These sites provide a wide variety of useful teaching materials for both instructors and their students.

As an added bonus, EdTech platforms like D2L and Outschool have simplified and strengthened the educational process by providing interesting methods and expert direction.

Here are the 10 Best Edu-Tech startups for K-12;

1. D2L

Edu-Tech startups for K-12

Developed in: 1999

Subjects: Mathematics, Science, Astronomy, etc.

D2L’s next-generation learning management system and solutions help customers overcome barriers to providing high-quality learning experiences for learners of all ages. D2L has clients in the K-12, higher education, healthcare, government, and business sectors. Additionally, D2L, which stands for “Desire2Learn,” is one of the largest open-source online education platforms and is a certain way to improve one’s professional standing.

2. DreamBox

Edu-Tech startups for K-12

Developed in: 2006

Subjects: Mathematics, Reading, Literacy, etc.

To that end, Dreambox Learning has developed an adaptable math curriculum for grades K-8. The program continually reorders problems and modifies their complexity depending on how well each learner is doing. Long division is made more fun with interactive elements like animated graphics and energizing music that make it seem less like a chore. The use of animated content in the classroom has been shown to improve students’ emotional well-being.

3. BenchPrep

Edu-Tech startups for K-12

Developed in: 2009

Subjects: Science, Interview preparation, Gd, etc.

10 Best Edu-Tech startups for K-12 Institutes | Future Education Magazine

BenchPrep is a marketplace and learning platform for online courses spanning K-12, higher education, and professional certifications. The firm partners with industry leaders in education publishing including McGraw Hill, Cengage Learning, and Princeton Review to turn their flat educational material into engaging courses. Students may use BenchPrep, a worldwide learning platform, to study and keep track of their progress across internet, mobile, and tablet platforms, allowing them to preserve their progress chart for the length of the course.

4. Schoology

Edu-Tech startups for K-12

Developed in: 2009

Subjects: Mathematics, Science, etc.

Schoology is a learning management system that encourages students in grades K-12 to work together and have fun while learning. The website has a lot of potential and it’s fun to use. Children are able to work together and share ideas thanks to modern technological advancements. It’s a one-stop shop for instructors’ administrative needs, such as class preparation, grading, and quiz administration. Signing up for a parent account on Schoology will allow you to see your child’s academic information, including their grades, attendance, and assignments, as well as share files with the school.

5. Newsela

Edu-Tech startups for K-12

Developed in: 2013

Subjects: Science, Social studies

10 Best Edu-Tech startups for K-12 Institutes | Future Education Magazine

For the purpose of promoting literacy, Matthew Gross founded the tech company Newsela. It offers multi-level, standards-aligned, bilingual (English and Spanish) instructional materials. Newsela reaches over 37 million students in grades K-12 and over 2.5 million educators in the process. When you sign up for Newsela, you get access to the site’s free news material, and you may purchase access to additional resources for a small cost. Plus, the material is developed with student interest in mind.

6. Tinkergarden

Edu-Tech startups for K-12

Developed in: 2014

Subjects: Communication, Creativity, Problem-Solving, etc.

It holds that kids need time outside to acquire important abilities like self-reliance, creativity, tenacity, grit, and problem-solving and that children learn best via unstructured play and autonomous discovery. The program’s well-crafted lessons are ideal for kids ages 1 through 8, fostering their growth and laying a solid foundation for their future success.

7. Outschool

Edu-Tech startups for K-12

Developed in: 2015

Subjects: Arts, Coding & tech, English, Maths, Science, etc.

The goal of the out-of-school time program known as “Outschool” is to introduce young children to the joys of education by connecting them to a flexible online environment. The organization offers classes in a broad range of subjects for kids and teens (aged 3-18) to pursue their own passions. In addition, students have the option of participating in more personalized, individualized sessions where they may get the focused attention they need to really grasp the material. Young people’s growth and interest in education are both facilitated by this platform.

8. Blue Studios

Edu-Tech startups for K-12

Developed in: 2019

Subjects: Engineering, Mathematics, Microbiology, coding, etc.

Blue Studios Inc. was established in 2019 as a subscription-based digital education platform offering on-demand STEM lessons through an e-commerce/edtech hybrid model. There is a USD 238 billion opportunity in the e-learning industry worldwide, with 60% of that market located outside the U.S. Different e-learning businesses have seen a more than doubling of customers as a result of the COVID-19 problem. In order to connect families with the top STEM instructors, Blue Studios operates as a marketplace.

9. Codingal

Edu-Tech startups for K-12

Developed in: 2020

Subjects: Coding

10 Best Edu-Tech startups for K-12 Institutes | Future Education Magazine

Around 270 million children in grades K-12 have access to Codingal, an online after-school program that teaches them to code by having them make their own applications, games, and websites. The one-on-one lessons are what really set these courses apart, however; they’re all taught by verified, top-tier experts who also happen to be computer scientists. Though the country’s technology universities are top-notch, elementary and secondary schools in India almost never cover programming. Parents that are interested in getting their children started in the world of computing utilize Codingal.

10. Seesaw

Edu-Tech startups for K-12

Developed in: 2013

Subjects: Mathematics, English, Arts.

Seesaw is an online platform where students and instructors collaborate on projects using a variety of media, including but not limited to drawings, photographs, videos, and written text selected from an in-app library. A student’s portfolio develops over time and follows them from one school to the next. The layout is intended for use by educators and parents in documenting students’ practices and evaluating their final products as they are stored in individual digital portfolios. Each group, educators and parents, may benefit from this feature.

Bottom Line

Edtech companies have made it easier for kids to get a good education. Parents are happy to see their children more invested in their education, and teachers have a greater capacity to lead their pupils than in the past.

There has been a rise in interest among students in Edtech startups due to the fact that these companies use animation to teach. We are certain that the aforementioned rapidly expanding K-12 Edtech businesses will help kids overcome any and all challenges they may have faced up to this point.

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