Upgrading Your Pedagogy Methods in the Classroom

7 Effective Pedagogy Methods Can Use in the Classroom | Future Education Magazine


Children are inquisitive beings as they grow. They always want to know something new and keep discovering new elements in their environment. We often get stunned by their grasping power and understanding of their surroundings. Especially, the new generation. They are extremely smart, and intelligent and grasp quickly, what is taught to them. The observation skills are also next level. Considering this, the pedagogy methods implemented by schools can also be modified or thought upon, in order to impart knowledge to students in accordance with the current trends.

As technology has taken over substantially, the use of digital platforms like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR) is implemented a lot by schools in order to keep up with the technology available at dispense.

Here Are 7 Pedagogy Methods That Can Be Upgraded In The Classroom By Teachers:

1. Enactment

7 Effective Pedagogy Methods Can Use in the Classroom | Future Education Magazine

One of the best pedagogy methods is via acting out the concept. Students love to learn things the different ways. Anything new and interesting motivates them and readily learn new concepts. In this pedagogy, either the teacher can enact the concept or pick some students as per the need. Pick the students, explain to them what they need to do, and guide them as they enact the whole concept. Also, observe simultaneously whether other students are understanding the taught concept well or not. Kids will readily participate and enjoy the learning process too.

2. Storytelling technique

One of the widely used pedagogy methods is the storytelling technique. Humans have such brains that stories are liked by people of all ages. So, by using that to your own advantage, make some stories about the concept you are teaching the students. Make sure you come down to their level so that they are able to process the story well. You will have to make it easy to understand and explain it in a non-complex manner too. By making sure it is easy to absorb for the students, they can remember the concept well. The flow of the story, the concept of the story, and the technique are the elements that help the students to remember.

3. Head out of the class to teach

7 Effective Pedagogy Methods Can Use in the Classroom | Future Education Magazine

Nature is the best teacher and guide. In the list of pedagogy methods, out-of-the-class teaching is considered the best thing. Subjects like science, geography, and history can be taught to students by this they get a real-time experience of exploring the world and understand what is being taught when they see it actually. This comes under visual and kinesthetic learning where students learn by seeing and observing and also actually doing it practically wherever possible. Practical learning is the best for kids. The more they explore and see, the more they learn and grasp.

4. Brainstorming ideas and situations

Brainstorming is one of the best techniques in the pedagogy methods of teaching too. Reason being, as more than one child thinks on a single given topic. Each child will come up with something new, interesting, and exciting. Allow them to explore their inner creativity and push them harder to do the same. Motivate them when they come up with certain new ideas and suggestions. Give inputs for improvements and make them brainstorm more. In the end, combine all of those gems of ideas and make something interesting out of it. Give credit for the same to the kids as they enjoy when they are appreciated. Appreciating and motivating the kids enough will help them blossom and enjoy learning.

5. Teach concepts relating to daily life situations

Over here again, you need to come down to their level and make them understand the concept. Be an empath and understand the kids’ nature, their desires, wants, and needs. Relate the concepts to those elements and help them understand. Make them visualize the concept by drawing it on the blackboard, or showing it on any digital tool. Kids love to see and learn. Make them write about what they learned and see how well they could grasp the concept. If needed, explain it to them again according to the understanding till now.

6. Make use of technology

7 Effective Pedagogy Methods Can Use in the Classroom | Future Education Magazine

You can show videos, animated films, etc on projectors in the classroom which are of educational importance for the students. YouTube is a platform where you can impart the necessary knowledge, kids’ websites, and short videos for their understanding. To adapt the pedagogy methods, you can also make use of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), to give a visual experience to the kids. As kids love visuals and colorful images or videos a lot of schools have made themselves equipped with these technologies. It’ll help them to understand better.

7. Exhilarating classroom environment

A fun, colorful, and vibrant environment for the kids is an add-on to the list of pedagogy methods. It helps the students to relate as they must have seen the cartoon characters which are on the wall, in some cartoon series on television or YouTube. So, they feel familiar and enjoy being in the midst of the atmosphere. Colorful walls, chairs, and tables in different shapes and sizes, and letting their creative juices flow in the form of painting, drawing, sketching, etc are some of the elements that kids enjoy. Exciting and interesting things with being inquisitive at all times are the basic traits of kids.


The more you experiment, the more pedagogy methods you can find on your own. The main agenda behind these methods is to make the kids understand at their level so that they will be able to keep up with the world. Kids are innocent and need constant care, kindness, and attention when they are taught a new thing. Being a teacher, you will need a hell lot of patience! So, be in line with the kids grasping abilities and formulate new ideas to make the learning process easy and interesting. And, do not forget the patience part, haha!

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