Top 12 E-Learning Authoring Tools, Platforms, and Software

12 Best E-Learning Authoring Tools, Platforms, and Software | Future Education Magazine


The software you use to create your e-learning materials is called an e-learning authoring tool. After all, you can’t create a curriculum without a starting point.

In this post, we’ll examine e-learning authoring tools, and writing tools in detail, covering the many kinds available, the most important features to search for, and evaluation guidelines to follow.

Here are Top 12 E-Learning Authoring Tools, Platforms, and Software:

1. DominKnow | ONE

Three primary writing modules make up DominKnow | ONE, a cloud-based authoring system. In addition to the responsive course maker and the classic course builder with PowerPoint conversion, there is also a system software simulation capture, generation, and editing tool. You may utilize the tool’s templates, stock assets, and global library to share and reuse material across projects, and real-time collaboration and review modules to construct a wide variety of e-learning.

Price: Team $1,497

2. Easygenerator

12 Best E-Learning Authoring Tools, Platforms, and Software | Future Education Magazine

Easygeneratror is a web-based e-learning authoring tool that makes it simple for subject matter experts (SMEs) who have little to no expertise with e-learning to design and publish their own courses. This is accomplished by selecting readymade subject matter templates and modifying them to produce generic but outstanding-looking courses in a fraction of the time that bespoke development would cost.

Price: Team £4,950

3. Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate is an e-learning creation application that can be used on a desktop computer and can export HTML5 material that can be viewed on a mobile device. The procedures and premade materials in Captivate may be modified to fit the needs of individual developers. Captivate’s flexibility makes it a popular choice among programmers developing sophisticated software simulations, unique interactions, VR learning experiences, and mobile app-based courses.

Price: $33.99PM with an annual commitment, $1,299 perpetual license

4. Articulate 360

The Articulate 360 suite is a subscription service for creating instructional content for online courses. Articulate Storyline, a desktop e-learning authoring tool, and Rise, a web-based cloud service for making responsive courses, are both a part of this package. A webcast video app and an online review app are two of the other seven applications available.

When compared to other desktop writing tools, Storyline is often considered to be more intuitive for newcomers. Rise’s pre-made block types and integration with the Articulate content catalog make it possible to whip up responsive courses in a flash.

Price: $1,299 per user, annually

5. Gomo

Gomo is a web-based e-learning authoring tool that takes a mobile-first approach and is built using responsive HTML5. It was designed to facilitate group efforts in creating and disseminating electronic instructional materials.

Learners and producers alike will have access to a consistent interface throughout the process of making, finding, tracking, and disseminating video and e-learning material.

Price: authoring only £690 per seat, authoring and delivery £1,960

6. Lectora Inspire and Lectora Online

Both Lectora Inspire and Lectora Online are e-learning authoring tools that use Responsive Course Design (RCD). Creating content for online courses has never been easier than with Lectora Inspire Desktop. It comes standard with the industry’s foremost screen recording software and provides many opportunities for customization, such as the use of slide layers and programmable features.

12 Best E-Learning Authoring Tools, Platforms, and Software | Future Education Magazine

Lectora is an e-learning authoring tool that aspires to give identical functionality with a more user-friendly design. While it lacks the functionality of its more robust sibling, it is a quick and simple tool for creating simple courses.

Lectora’s feature set and templates tend to be relatively specialized for this market because of the software’s long history of popularity among academic developers.

Price: Inspire, $2,595 Single payment; Online, $1,390 PA

7. Adapt

Using the open-source Adapt developer framework, the free e-learning authoring tool Adapt allows you to produce content that is completely responsive and compatible with a wide range of devices. Adapt courses work like web apps on touch devices, allowing users to scroll vertically and slide between sections.

While Adapt does not natively allow branching situations or elaborate animations, its capabilities may be expanded with the help of third-party plugins. However, this is likely outside the scope of research for the typical user.

Price: Free

8. iSpring Suite Max

When combined with PowerPoint, iSpring Suite Max is a powerful course-building tool that enables the rapid development of responsive courses for many platforms and devices. Slides, quizzes, video lectures, screencasts, and role-plays may all be created with the help of a simple editor. Existing Word, PDF, and PPT files may be easily converted into interactive courses with a few clicks using iSpring.

If you need to make online courses quickly and easily, as well as work together with your team on the material, this is the way to go. A cloud-based writing platform is included in the toolkit, allowing several writers to collaborate on material while also creating elementary courses on the cloud. A Content Library with more than 68,000 e-learning elements is also included.

Price: $970 per user annually

9. iSpring Presenter

12 Best E-Learning Authoring Tools, Platforms, and Software | Future Education Magazine

With just the essential writing features, iSpring Presenter is a stripped-down version of the full iSpring Suite. Making an interactive course is as simple as making a PowerPoint presentation. The software also lets you create stunning interactive quizzes with 14 different question categories, such as the standard multiple-choice and true/false questions, as well as the interactive hotspot and drag-and-drop options. iSpring also allows you to create training movies by syncing slides with pre-existing material or by recording a presenter video using your webcam.

Price: $227 per user annually

10. Elucidat

Elucidat is another web-based writing tool that prioritizes speed and low-overhead course production via its emphasis on simplicity, ease of use, and the usage of templates (called blueprints in this ecosystem) with guided adjustments. Create exams and quizzes, handle videos and audio, and flesh out course structures with graphics and text—all elements you’d expect from an HTML5 e-learning authoring tool, and all of which are supported.

Price: Only available upon request.

11. Evolve

If you’re looking for another writing tool with all the standard fare, go no further than Evolve. The incorporation of corporate e-learning technologies to provide online compliance training to businesses in a wide range of sectors is its primary differentiator. You may provide your staff with OSHA and HIPAA training and HR development courses through your own LMS or Evolve’s hosted LMS.

Price: Only available upon request

11. Camtasia

TechSmith’s Camtasia is a program for creating video and screen captures. You may create a movie on your screen while customizing it with transitions, hotspots, and other video effects. Camtasia is widely used by programmers because it enables them to make high-quality software demos quickly and efficiently, with the added bonus of being interactive and exportable as SCORM. Compared to other video production software like Adobe Premier, the learning curve is much lower, making it suitable for usage by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with little or no training.

Price: $249.99 single license

12. Koantic

Koantic provides a PowerPoint-like slideshow format for quickly making eye-catching presentations. It’s simple to integrate pre-recorded audio, timed interactions, and pre-made animations into your project. There are more than 18 different layouts from which to pick while creating content. You may easily add scenarios to your material with no coding experience required thanks to the branching tool’s drag-and-drop interface. This is one of the best e-learning authoring tools on this list.


Choosing the best e-learning authoring tools for your business can be tough if you do not have any prior idea about it. Our blog helps you to understand such tools and software to grow your business. They help you to improve the content of your business and increase services so that your business will reach new heights of success.

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