Lockdown At Veterans Memorial High School Results In Two Arrests And Expulsions.

Lockdown At Veterans Memorial High School Results In Two Arrests And Expulsions | Future Education Magazine


Judson ISD representatives alerted MySA that two Veterans Memorial High School students were expelled and detained on Wednesday, June 7, in connection with the discovery of guns in their hands.

An anonymous caller informed Judson ISD that they had seen a student using two guns on social media. According to the school system, the call prompted the lockdown of Veterans Memorial High School so that authorities could look into the allegations while ensuring the safety of the employees and students who were on campus for summer classes.

Two teenagers accused of having weapons at a Veterans Memorial High School appear before judge

Judson ISD was able to identify the student who was allegedly in possession of a weapon during the course of the investigation and track them down on campus. The Judson ISD Police Department’s officers found the student in possession of a weapon and took him into custody. Judson ISD alerted MySA that the inquiry also revealed a second student who was in possession of the second weapon the caller had reported.

“We understand that this situation was stressful, but we are appreciative of the anonymous tip, the quick response of the admin team, JISD Police and assistance from BCSO. We also are grateful for the cooperation of our students, staff and families. Our officers will remain vigilant and provide additional patrols to keep watch on the campus,” officials with the district said.

Staff and district administrators will be informed on the reaction following the lockdown and will assess how to make lockdown protocols and communication more effective should instances like these occur.

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